Imprinted Pens: A Classic Business Promotional Item

Imprinted pens are one of the basic promotional items. They’re practically mandatory, and for good reason. Few other custom imprinted promotional products are as cost effective, Everybody needs a pen, and they tend to spread far and wide, as people give them away, trade them and store them in common office areas. They have one of the lowest per unit costs of any imprinted item, so they’re a good idea for businesses of all sizes. They’re ideal trade show giveaways because they’re easy to carry in large amounts. Anyone who’s ever manned a trade show booth knows that with the amount of heavy lifting and setup involved, you want to get the most value per pound you’ll haul around.

We have a huge selection of imprinted pens. There are many more options available than the standard, inexpensive plastic ball point pen. This month, our special is the Donner pen: a push action ball point available in a green, blue, light blue, gold, grey, pink, or black metallic finish. These beautiful pens are laser etched with your branding.

If you’d like a different style, Promos Canada has 170 different pens, pencils and crayons available. One of the most popular varieties is our eco pen and enviro pen varieties. These pens are made of special materials such as moulded cornstarch and specially treated paper products. They have a look and feel comparable to plastic, but biodegrade quickly. This is a fantastic way to project an environmentally friendly image with an eco friendly promotional product without breaking your company’s promotional budget.

If you’d prefer a higher end solution for a promotion or corporate gift we also have pen and pencil gift sets available. These are great icebreakers in more formal settings such as business meetings, conferences and symposiums.

If you’re not sure what kind of pen would be your ideal promotional product, contact Promos Canada. We’ll be happy to help you!

There’s More Variety than Ever for Custom Imprinted Promotional Items

When it comes to imprinted promotional products people tend to think of the old standbys: imprinted pens, imprinted tote bags, mugs, glassware, and maybe shirts ad hats. In fact, custom imprinted products come in more variety than ever. There are a number of reasons for this.

First of all, custom printing technologies have improved to the point where adding your own branding is easier than ever, no matter the item. Cost-effective small scale printing and laser etching means you can place even smaller orders at an excellent per unit price, though obviously, bulk imprinted promotional items will always save you more for each item.

Second, society has also changed in two important ways. We live in a more environmentally conscious culture. That’s boosted the demand for eco friendly promotional items because companies and consumers both want to make it known that they care about these issues. We also live in a culture where computers are omnipresent. Computer accessories are no longer exotic gifts for IT professionals. Everybody needs memory storage or a place to rest a mouse.

You can harness environmental consciousness by choosing imprinted products that are either directly environmentally friendly, or help people make eco friendly choices. In terms of environmentally friendly promotional items, a product like our eco message bag possesses both benefits. It replaces plastic shopping bags and is itself made of recycled material. We specialized in recycled and biodegradable items that are also attractive and functional – great ways to promote your business as a conscientious organization, with items that won’t get thrown out.

Promos Canada also stocks a number of great computer-related products. Our specialty is imprinted USB memory sticks: mini flash drives that carry your brand to a computer. Flash memory is now inexpensive enough that even several gigabytes of memory can be an affordable trade show giveaway. We carry wallet sized flash cards that fit in your wallet, imprinted USB drives that hang on lanyards and more – our catalog has a full listing.

Water Bottles are the Latest Eco Friendly Promotional Product

The humble water bottle is turning into an extremely popular eco friendly promotional item! This is due to the convergence of technology and new environmental concerns. We can offer sophisticated, multicoloured printing on custom imprinted promotional products for a great price thanks to improvements in the printing process.

The environmentally friendly aspect of it is the result of an increased awareness of the ecological impact of bottled water. After being introduced to the mass market in the 1980s, bottled water sales exploded, as people wanted an alternative to the fluoride taste of the tap, along with a handy container to carry their water in. Unfortunately, disposable plastic bottles are a tremendous strain on the environment. Conventional plastic has one of the longest biodegradation cycles of any substance, and even recycling it consumes vast amounts of energy, as it must be melted, remoulded and shipped between disposal, recycling and remanufacturing facilities.

That’s why there’s a new movement to go back to the tap for drinking water. Compared to bottled water, tap water has far less environmental impact. It’s reduces the financial strain cities must undertake to dump or recycle millions of plastic bottles. In fact, the City of Toronto has instituted a ban on bottled water sales in city-run establishments just to bring home the importance of drinking from the tap.

We have an excellent selection of imprinted water bottles that can you can customize for us within your company, or present as trade show giveaways. Our latest offering is the Equa Stainless Steel Water Bottle (download a PDF description at the link). These are fantastic looking products that serve their owners as effectively as they do your brand. Give them a look, and imagine your logo and name on them!