Five Ways to Get the Most Out of Imprinted USB Memory Sticks

Imprinted flash drives are now a standard promotional item. You can get a lot of mileage by treating them the same way you’d treat imprinted tote bags or other standard promotional items, but there’s definitely room to explore the potential of this giveaway in ways that take advantage of its nature. Here are five ideas to get you started.

Add a Coupon: There are two ways to add a coupon to promotional USB memory stick. The first is to just load a PDF of your coupon onto the drive. The customer can just print it. The disadvantage is that your options to control its use are limited. Add an expiry date (since it can be printed repeatedly) and don’t use it to offer deep discounts on big ticket items, since it might be abused. A simpler option is to use an offline web page or PDF to add a coupon code, redeemable at your website. This can even include a free offer, since your prospect needs to register on your site to redeem the code.

Add a Flyer: Add your flyer in PDF form. This is a quick and easy way to push brand awareness to your customer after she gets the USB key as a trade show giveaway or on another occasion. He’ll see the file when he opens up the drive. You can integrate this with a coupon or other benefit too.

Add Imprinting by Event: Don’t just imprint with your brand – imprint for the event. This can add more impact because it prompts the customer to remember the time she got the USB drive. If this was a positive experience, that memory multiplies the effects of the contact. This is an excellent choice for retreats, seminars and other events that focus on intense interaction with current and potential clientele.

Add Your Website: Install a partial offline copy of your website. Include enough material for casual browsing, but also include links to your true web presence. If your business focuses on sales and leads through the web, this is an excellent option, since you’ve just given the recipient a portable portal to your site. They don’t even need to bookmark it.

Add Seminar Soft Copies: If you gave away the USB drive at a seminar or other information-heavy event, include all of the material you covered, including presentations, handouts and offline versions of pages you visited. Your contact can reproduce the seminar after he gets home – and of course, your branding is all over the material.

Get Environmentally Friendly Canadian Promotional Items

Earth Day came and went recently so it’s a great time to contemplate how to make your business more environmentally friendly. It’s a matter of sticking to the details. What can you reduce the use of, reuse and recycle? What are less carbon intensive alternatives for common processes at your workplace? And last but not least, how can you make trade show giveaways and other promotions more environmentally friendly?

Fortunately, environmental issues are more than a problem to fret about. They’re an opportunity to present your business as a responsible, concerned partner in the community. You can build a powerful, positive buzz for your brand. That means investing in eco friendly promotional products, including biodegradable imprinted pens, cups and containers, as well as recycled bags and other items.

Still, there’s no need to devote everything to unusual items. The old standbys work too! In Canada, more and more regions are leading the way in restricting bottled water and plastic grocery bags too, so this has created a new demand for traditional Canadian promotional items. That imprinted tote bag isn’t just a handy extra any more – it’s what your target customers will take with them to grocery stores, keeping your brand at the front of their minds – and sharing it with the outside world, too. Imprinted water bottles have also shot up in demand, as cities pass laws banning bottled water sales on their property, or demand an extra levy on every bottle sold.

These opportunities are all part of a transformation that’s sweeping Canada, and it’s not just a newfound set of beliefs. As we see the fallout of human changes to the environment online or on TV, we can see that choosing an eco-friendly approach is essential to our continued health and well being.