Promotional Product Special Offers for This Month

We have a constantly rotating selection of special offers on promotional items. We carry such a wide variety of business promotional products that we like to offer specials to highlight particular products in turn, so that one month might feature our imprinted tote bags, while another showcases our eco-friendly promotional products.

This month we have a grand total of 64 specials on promotional products covering sports, technology, traditional trade show giveaways and other standard promotional products. From our selection of sports items, we have Nike imprinted golf balls. Add your logo for an executive business promotional product, or imprint them for a department, partner or individual as a personalized corporate gift.

One simple, traditional promotional product we’ve included with our specials is imprinted adhesive notepads. These are great ideas for both internal office branding or as imprinted promotional items for business to business relationships. Potential clients get a reminder of your business every time they take a note.

Our big featured promotional product for this month is our Donner imprinted pen set. These metallic pens are laser-etched with your branding. When you give these away, the recipients tend to keep them around because of their quality. In many cases, promotional products selections feature a tradeoff between cost and visibility, but when you’ve got a high quality, affordable pen you can get the maximum return on investment for your business promotion.

Imprinted pens aren’t the only traditional promotional product we have on sale. Our standing room only imprinted tote bag is also part of this month’s specials. This particular tote bag comes in an attractive tri-panel design. Tote bags have the advantage of not only promoting your brand to the person carrying it, but to anyone who sees him or her use it. Tote bags are becoming more popular as people abandon plastic bags for casual shopping, so they’re likely to be more visible than ever.

We can’t go into detail about every promotional product special so come by the site often to check for new and returning specials, along with our selection of over 20,000 promotional items. Not sure what to get or looking for a particular item? Email and we’ll be happy to help you.

Imprinted Pens Still an Effective Business Promotional Product

If you’re like most people there’s an excellent chance you have an imprinted promotional pen in your pocket, desk drawer or by the phone. Imprinted pens are still one of the best promotional items around. They’re practical (anybody can use another pen), cost effective and suit virtually every industry.

Custom imprinted pens are such a mainstay of trade show giveaways and other business promotions that they’re now available in a staggering array of types and colours. Promos Canada stocks a wide variety to cover everything from high end corporate branded gifts to bulk giveaways. For instance, our environmentally friendly ecopen imprinted pen is a great crossover with our eco-friendly promotional products line. It’s an excellent choice if your business is focused on environmental concerns, or just if you feel that this fits your company’s own environmentally friendly policies.

At the higher end of things, our executive collection of imprinted pens allows you to purchase branded pens from well-known quality lines like Parker and Waterman. Use these as gifts for more formal business functions, employee gifts, or even just standard supplies in an executive office setting.

If you want something better than a simple plastic pen but at a lower price than an executive pen, we suggest our metal and wood imprinted pens. These are good looking and less likely to get left behind – because in our experience, the nicer the pen, the longer someone will keep it around and the closer attention he or she will pay to it. Our laser engraved Donner imprinted pen is an excellent bargain this month because it’s on sale, too!

For more lighthearted or specialized promotions we have novelty imprinted pens, pencils, crayons and markers. Some, like the bendy-pen, are just fun, and great for child-oriented promotions. Other pens have specialized functions such as counterfeit detection, or just have an interesting aspect (like an internal light) that make them stand out from other imprinted pens. This is worth considering, because the main challenge with these promotional products is that they are so common you may want to add a little something extra to make them truly memorable.