New Promotional Items for June

We have a great set of new business promotional products for June. These range from basics to innovative imprinted promotional items that will set your company apart. It’s a big list, so let’s just focus on a few key items.

Imprinted pens are promotional mainstays. We have a huge variety of imprinted pens and the list is constantly growing. This month, we’ve added a reef pen. This pen’s rubber grip and other attractive features ensure that people will keep it with them after you give it away. We have other imprinted pens to suit more modest budgets, but remember that a pen’s attractiveness and impact go hand in hand.

On the eco friendly promotional item front we have new recycled journals. Everything but the spine and ink is 100% post-consumer waste. These are great for conferences and courses. They’re also genuinely useful, so once you give them away recipients will keep them, along with your brand, for a long time.

We’re always adding more types of bulk imprinted USB flash drives. This month, take a look at our swivel imprinted USB drive. Available in sizes of up to 4 GB, these drives have a nifty tactile feature because you can spin the drive in its housing. Better yet, the design creates a large imprinting area. This is a great choice when you want your brand to be as prominent as possible. Remember: Flash drives aren’t just for the technology sector any more. Everybody uses them!

Finally, something that’s a bit off the beaten path is our silicone wrist bracelets. These so-called “awareness bracelets” were made popular by figures like Lance Armstrong, but they come in a variety of colors that can match specific causes and brands. Just ass your slogan! These items are great for nonprofits.

Have questions about these or any other promotional items? Just Contact us and we’ll help you find the perfect imprinted product for your needs.