Promotional Items for Conferences

Now that the summer’s here many industries and large corporations start their conference season. Attendees enjoy long, multi-day retreats where they learn about new developments in a field. It’s important to make an impression that will survive through days of seminars and in the case of broad industry conferences, competitors. That’s why business promotional items are vital.

What should you give away as part of your promotional efforts? To find the answer, put yourself in the shoes of other conference goers. They need to keep track of information and stay refreshed throughout the conference. You also need to be mindful of the point of transition, where visitors leave the conference site. They might forget all about you on the drive or flight home. An effective presentation helps, but an effective promotion provides something they’re willing to take with them and once they get home, use often enough to bring your brand back to the front of their minds.

Imprinted pens are one excellent idea, as conference attendees will usually take notes. Pens are cost effective and great when you want to promote your business to a large number of people. If you want to get word of your brand out to hundreds of people at a time on a budget they’re the way to go. The disadvantage is that people often lose pens and will leave them at the venue. Furthermore, as laptops become ubiquitous accessories, more and more people use them instead of bothering with traditional paper notes.

Promotional USB memory sticks cost a bit more but unlike pens, people rarely dispose of them. Furthermore, when attendees have laptops they can make use of them immediately. Bulk imprinted USB memory is more expensive than pens, but is still reasonably priced, and as flash memory gets less expensive it will only become easier to provide memory sticks to everyone you make contact with. Best of all, you can preload these flesh drives with promotional information, such as electronic versions of physical handouts.

To keep your brand in mind during the trip home, consider imprinted tote bags. One of the great things about these is that even if there are a lot of freebies at a conference, you brand will stick out – it’ll be on the bag an attendee uses to take everything else home. By maintaining brand awareness outside of the conference venue you’ll help them keep you in mind – something that’s vital to promoting your business.