The Imprinted Tote Bag is Back!

Imprinted tote bags and other economical imprinted bags are really coming back as a business promotional item. Tote bags have always been appreciated because they allow for a large imprinting area and are by nature usually carried in public places. This is what made tote bags so popular throughout the 1970s and early 80s, especially as fabric printing technologies matured to make them inexpensive. You’ll probably find a few of these old style tote bags tucked away in a corner of your home, your parents’ home or your grandparents’ place – they really were that ubiquitous.

Tote bags did okay in the late 1980s and the 90s, but they had to compete with evolving printing technologies that made paper and plastic more popular. Furthermore, a lot of businesses started to hear about online advertising and read futurists who claimed everyone would “cocoon” themselves and stop going out.

But now, the tote bag is back thanks to three big changes in technology and culture:

  • First of all, laser and inkjet printing can now be used on virtually any object at a reasonable cost. Mass printing for tote bags in the 80s relied on stencils, specialized offset machines and no small amount of manual labour. Colour was crude, and it was hard to print detailed images. That’s no longer true. High quality printing is cheaper than ever.
  • Source manufacturing costs for tote bags and similar items have dropped. It’s possible to source bags for less from abroad. Even if you prefer to support local manufacturers, you still pay less thanks to improved technologies and source materials such as fabric
  • Finally, there’s been a huge shift in consumer preferences away from plastic. Consumers are environmentally conscious and both companies and governments have followed suit. Municipalities across Canada are contemplating taxes on plastic bags and bylaws discouraging their use. Grocery stores charge for plastic bags and encourage consumers to bring reusable alternatives. In this environment there’s a genuine need for imprinted tote bags, and that’s a great opportunity to promote your business.

Cool Eco-Friendly Promotional Products

We’ve just added some great new eco-friendly promotional products to our catalog. Some of these are great for higher end targeted promotions, personalized corporate gifts and internal branding for your office and employees. Let’s take a look:

Eco Knife Set: Great for food-related promotions and bulk gifting. The set includes a Santoku knife, chef knife, bread knife and utility knife. The set’s utensils are US FDA safety regulation-compliant, made of stainless steel and bamboo, and use minimal packaging for environmental conservation: a 100% recycled corrugated cylinder with recycled paper stuffing.

Eco Utensil Set: This is a fantastic companion to the eco-knife set because it uses the same packaging form factor, and best targets the same niche. Like the knife set, these utensils meet US FDA safety standards. They’re made of sturdy bamboo, include a serving spoon, strainer spoon and spatula, and come in the same environmentally friendly packaging, ready to be customized with your own branding.

Noodle N Series Golf Balls: Choose the N-Series to combine an eco-friendly image with executive-level targeting. The N-Series is a high quality set designed for high velocity and low spin, and as an environmentally friendly promotional product it comes in elegant, minimal recycled packaging.

Now this article wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t mention one more eco-friendly promotional item that’s been with us right from the very beginning: the imprinted tire pressure gauge. If you want to give away a gift that really makes a positive impact on the environment this is a fantastic choice. Maintaining proper tire pressure is essential to fuel efficiency. Help people keep their tires healthy and you save them money and reduce the demand for fossil fuels, all while getting your brand out.

Get an Early Start on Your Corporate Gifts

It’s getting chillier, and that should remind you that the time has come to plan your company’s gift giving initiatives for the holidays. This is a fantastic opportunity to spread your brand along with some genuine good will: an investment that is more likely to pay itself off if your brand stays visible on an imprinted promotional item.

We have a selection of products you can give away for general branding or as personalized corporate gifts. There’s a choice for virtually any budget, ranging from under $10 to $100. Let’s take a look at some of them:

Our Wind-Up Weather Radio & Flashlight Set is a great choice for staff and clientele who spend a lot of time on the road. For under $25 per set you’ll be able to give a great practical gift that will accompany the recipient wherever he goes. This is a good choice of the recipient is the main target of the brand message, since these items are usually not displayed in public. Use it as part of a narrowly targeted campaign.

We offer Brushed Stainless Steel Desk Mugs in sets of four, for under $23. This gift is ideal for both internal and external use. In your office, the set provides mugs for your staff with a consistent branding that improves morale and impresses visitors. For prospects and client relationships, the mug set helps make your brand an everyday presence around their offices.

For executive gifts, pick our wine accessory set. Laser engraving adds your brand to a high end present you can send to your most important clients. At the enterprise level, this gift set is also ideal to send to branch managers.

Naturally, you can look outside this category for other great gifts, from high end imprinted pens to apparel. We have years of experience helping people find the right item, so contact us to explore this further.

Business Promotional Items on a Budget

Business promotional items are a tried and tested way to create extended, positive brand awareness. A promotional gift moves your brand into potential customers’ personal space in a beneficial content – after all, they got an imprinted pen or other promotional product for free.

Naturally, that good will has a cost – you need to buy in bulk. While you can get a strong ROI on promotional products the initial sticker shock may cause you to hesitate. Fortunately, there are promotional items available in all price ranges. Promos Canada has a whole section devoted to imprinted promotional products that cost a dollar or less per unit – and if you buy in sufficient quantity, the price drops even further.

Let’s take a look at three popular selections from that category:

Budget Imprinted Pens: Bulk imprinted pens are already known for being one of the most cost effective promotional items. People always want new pens and tend to keep them around for a while. We have several styles available in the sub-dollar per unit range. If you have a higher budged or a small, focused target clientele remember that there are other pens available in higher price ranges, including types that make excellent executive gifts.

Imprinted Fridge Magnets: Imprinted fridge magnets are a great promotional item for businesses looking to market to consumers, not other businesses. The reason is simple: Every home has a fridge. This is a great idea for services such as auto repair, household supplies and renovation and cleaning. When consumers need these occasional services they usually want to find a provider on short notice – and your contact information is right in front of them. We have magnets available in a variety of shapes and styles ranging from business card fridge magnets to types designed to raise awareness of important issues.

Sticky Notes: Sticky notes are excellent crossover business promotional items because they work for home use, office use for your customers and for your own internal office branding – all at a fantastic bargain. The great thing about sticky notes is that people go to them again and again to take phone messages or remind themselves of tasks, so your company’s brand constantly gets reinforced.

These are just a few of the options for budget promotional items. We also have balloons, circular flyers, key rings and more. Visit the dollar or less promotional items section to see what’s available!

Five Unusual Business Promotional Items – Ones We Happen to Have!

The reliable triad of promotional products – imprinted pens, tote bags and mugs – has expanded to include imprinted USB memory sticks and other promotional products that benefit from advancing technologies. Nevertheless, there’s always been more to promotional items than traditional examples. At Promos Canada we pride ourselves on having one of the best selections. That means we have a number of unconventional promotional items. This time around let’s look at five and talk about who they’d benefit.

Computer Mini-Vacuum: This fun little promotional item keeps your computer’s keyboard and tower case clean. It’s the kind of thing you don’t know you want until you see it. Ideal for: IT/computer industry. It also makes a great icebreaker, since you’ll probably have to explain it before you give it away.

Counterfeit Detector Pen: Counterfeit currency is an increasing worry in the retail sector, where even $20 bills are now routinely checked for authenticity. This pen leaves a distinctive colour on a bill that shows whether or not it’s authentic. Versions are available for Canadian and US currency. Ideal for: Retail business to business products or services.

Spray Pen Hand Sanitizer: Thanks to H1N1 and other widely publicized disease outbreaks this is a business promotional item whose time has come: hand sanitizer in a convenient, portable form when you don’t have an opportunity to get to a dispensing station. Ideal for: Health, food service and public relations – ask anyone who shakes a lot of hands and they’ll tell you that they get a lot of colds!

Wackee Paddle: This one is just fun. It’s a paddle, a ball and s string: one of your classic novelty items. It looks too simple, but people always end up giving it a whirl. Ideal for: Child products, toys, sports and recreation.

Yo-Yo: Everyone should have at least one yo-yo in working order. Like all novelties it tends to generate massive short term attention, so it’s great for a promotional blitz. Ideal for: Child products, toys, humour.