Hot New Business Promotional Items for December at Promos Canada

Promos Canada aims to offer the largest selection of custom promotional products in Canada, (and we might already be doing it!) from promotional USB memory sticks to eco-friendly promotional products that link your business to a powerful, environmentally responsible public image. That’s why we’re constantly expanding our products catalogue. Let’s look at some of the new and interesting business promotional items we have to offer from this November onward.

Foldable Imprinted Promotional USB Flash Drive: Available in sizes of up to 4 GB, this memory stick comes with a lifetime warranty. It stands apart from similar products because of the foldable quality, which lets you turn the USB port back into the handle, protecting it from debris. The promotional USB drive has a printing area across its body, allowing you to add your brand. Rush shipping available.

Eco-Friendly Reusable Porcelain Cup with Silicone Lid: This fantastic new addition to our environmentally friendly promotional products uses the shape and functions of a disposable coffee cup, but is reusable like a mug. The silicone lid works the same as a plastic lid. This is a great way to convert that last few stragglers in an office who keep bringing in paper cups from Tim Horton’s and throwing them away. It’s easy to clean and features a large imprinting area.

950mil Free Flow Water Bottle: This makes for another great eco-friendly promotional item. It’s health conscious, too. Everyone should keep hydrated, but aside from leaving unneeded waste, plastic water bottles are potential sources of BPH: a chemical that is increasingly suspected to contribute to damaging genetic and hormonal changes. The Free Flow bottle’s patented design makes it comfortable to drink from, and its stainless steel construction makes it tough enough to stand up to years of heavy, regular use.

Additionally, we always have a big range of specials on hand where you can pick up imprinted promotional products at discount prices. Current specials include coolers, laptop bags and laser pointers. Head to our business promotional item specials to see them all.

Get on the Green with Business Promotional Products for Golf

Nothing works quite like golf when it comes to linking business and recreation. The sport’s format may encourage it, since any golf game includes plenty of walking and time to talk. It could be the prestige associated with the game or even the fact that it’s not one of your less expensive sports – good equipment and club memberships are less expensive than they used to be but the best are still “executive level” hobbies.

Whatever the reason, golf games are time honored ways to make business contacts. Beyond that, the game presents some great promotional opportunities through tournaments and exhibitions. That’s why we have lots of golf-related business promotional items. They’re always useful and always in demand.

Head over to our promotional products catalogue and head to the “Golf” category to see some of the golf products we have to offer (or just click here where we’ve done it for you). Our selection includes golf balls, tees, pens and pencils, shirts, caddy umbrellas and shoe bags. Ordering these with your brand can help you promote your business on a number of levels:

Charity Participation: Golf tournaments featuring community businesses are common charity fundraisers. Send a team with your brand to promote your company while earning money for a good cause.

Personal Branding: If you’re an avid golfer, carrying your personal brand with you identifies who you represent and serves as a subtle signal to partners that you have a combined work/leisure agenda.

Team Building with Golf: Using golf as a team building exercises to either bring your core staff together or ease the development of a new professional relationship outside of the company. Bringing your brand into gold accessories associates your brand with string morale and provides gifts to be disseminated outside of the organization.

Executive Gifts: Golf-related imprinted promotional products make great gifts that target the executive tier of an organization. These bring your brand along whenever your clientele’s most influential staff head to the green.

Your business field and clientele ultimately determine the best way to use golf to promote your company, but almost any business can find a way to take advantage of the connections and goodwill the game creates. Take a look at your community to get started. There’s probably a tournament waiting for your involvement!