Three Reasons to Choose Promotional USB Memory Sticks

Promotional USB memory sticks have been around for a few years now but compared to imprinted pens and tote bags they’re relatively new business promotional items. Companies are only starting to unlock the full potential of imprinted flash drives for promotion and branding. Why choose promotional USB flesh drives over business promotional products with a longer pedigree? Let’s look at three ways in which imprinted promotional USB memory sticks stand out compared to the alternatives.

Internal/External Use: Flash sticks are now the standard in casual, portable memory storage. They’ve replaced the role once held by 3.5 inch floppy disks. That’s why they’re useful business promotional items – and that usefulness applies inside an organization as well as with customers, clients and promotional contacts. If your company runs a significantly-sized office, purchasing bulk promotional USB provides needed portable memory at excellent prices – usually better than just buying from a local supplier at need. This means that one order can take care of practical office needs and external promotions, all while providing consistent branding in both situations.

Multimedia Potential: As a gift, imprinted flash memory is a handy gift to share with clients and professional contacts, but promotional USB memory can provide more than just empty storage. Load promotional material on to each stick to give it extra value. This is already commonplace in the music industry, where artists and record labels load songs, videos and even entire albums onto flash memory to distribute to reviewers and fans alike. You might add electronic coupons, offline web pages, video, sound, and slide presentations – anything you can store digitally, as long as you have the room.

Excellent for Trade Shows and Conference: Promotional USB memory is an increasingly common part of the standard kit you’ll get at industry trade shows and professional conferences. If you have the opportunity to contribute to a gift package for a conference, adding a promotional USB stick will have at least as much impact as providing and imprinted pen or notebook. USB memory makes an excellent general trade show giveaway if your company rents a booth at a convention. Promotional USB memory isn’t the kind of thing people throw away, giving it lasting value as a business promotional item.

As flash memory prices continue to drop, the potential for promotional USB memory will only increase. You’ll be able to load larger files, get it in more interesting shapes and sizes, and make larger bulk orders for less. Check our promotional flash memory section for new items regularly – you’ll be surprised at what you can get!

Five Great Promotional Product Specials for 2010

We’ve got some great new business promotional product specials to help you with early 2010 trade show giveaways and other promotions. We work hard to provide a diverse, up to date set of promotional items for Canadian companies, with a special emphasis on eco-friendly promotional items. Some of our new items hit some of the biggest trends on promotions and in general consumer products. Check them out:

Promotional Snuggy Blanket: This is one of the biggest new consumer items. Lying somewhere between a blanket and apparel, Snuggies are an incredibly well-known, popular product. Now, Promos Canada offers embroidered Snuggies for your promotional needs. Add your company’s branding to Snuggies to send as gifts to partner companies and employees, or send them out as novel promotional items for as low as $19.03 per unit!

Imprinted Non-Woven Shopping Bag: The “Convenient” non-woven shopping bag is one of our latest eco-friendly promotional items. As we’ve said in the past, Canada is transitioning from shopping with disposable plastic bags to using reusable bags. It’s more cost-effective and better for the environment. Taking advantage of this transition gets your company’s name out where everyone can see it, and reinforces your brand’s prominence any time someone takes the imprinted bag out to go shopping.

We actually have a number of additional imprinted tote bags and shopping bags on sale. Just browse our specials page to see the full selection. The sturdy “Convenient” bag can cost as little as $2.19 per unit.

Dou-Pen Imprinted Pen: Imprinted pens are a backbone business promotional item. They have a low per-unit cost, are easy to give away, and tend to stick with recipients for a long time – almost everyone has at least one imprinted pen on their desks.

The Duo-Pen is particularly useful in offices, making it a great give for business to business promotions. In addition to a high quality ball point pen, the Duo-Pen includes an additional highlight nub, ideal for marking important elements of office printouts. The Duo-Pen costs as little as 53 cents per unit.

Waterless Tattoos: Waterless tattoos use non-toxic dyes to imprint a temporary tattoo. This promotion is ideal for trade shows, sporting events, company picnics and other fun, casual gatherings. Putting your brand on someone’s arm or face is a memorable promotion that will definitely draw attention. These are available for as low as 19 cents a tattoo.

Five Business Promotional Item Trends for 2010

With 2010 looming, what’s in store for businesses who want to stock up for trade show giveaways and other initiatives that use business promotional items? Keeping 2009’s track record in mind, the following trends are likely:

Imprinted Tote Bags Are In: Thanks to changes in supermarket and other store policy, as well as a shift in public attitudes, people don’t want disposable plastic when they can take advantage of a reusable alternative. That means imprinted tote bags, already a promotional tradition, will be more important than ever in 2010.

Eco-Friendly Promotional Items Will Be Essential: The environment has garnered incredible publicity thanks to the Copenhagen Conference on Climate Change, polar bears and other news items. Consumers and partner businesses alike will want assurances that companies are environmentally conscious. That means reusable, biodegradable and recycled business promotional items will be essential parts of any company’s promotional product plan.

Budget Conscious Promotional Products: Businesses are more cautious about every dollar they spend. This is especially true in regions like Ontario, which were particularly hard hit by last year’s recession. We foresee a rise in popularity for low cost business promotional items as companies feel their way into 2010’s economic reality and wait for more positive indicators before they spend more money. Examples include imprinted pens, magnets, sticky notes and calendars. All of these have an excellent per unit price, making them smart choices for companies wanting to test the economic waters while they promote themselves.

More Promotional Products Will Go to Internal Branding: Thanks to social media services, people now expect to see inside your business from the Web. They want pictures of staff, offices and company operations. That means it’s more essential to use promotional items for internal branding. You want people to see your staff in branded apparel, using imprinted pens with your distinctive logo and information, and even drinking from company mugs. This is also useful for staff morale, as it promotes a sense of teamwork.

Traditional Imprinted Promotional Items Will Still Be Popular: Traditional imprinted promotional items will still form the backbone of promotional product campaigns. Imprinted pens, mugs, tote bags, apparel and glassware have proven track records when it comes to getting your name and brand “out in the wild.” On the other hand, the definition of “tradition” is evolving. Mouse pads and promotional USB memory sticks are now mainstays in business promotions. Add them to your arsenal and consider the other points in this article and you’ll be ready to share your brand with the world in 2010.