Fun and Games with Business Promotional Items

Promos Canada wants your promotional efforts to be as effective as possible. We also want you to remember one thing: Have fun! Promotions are hard work, to be sure, but if you don’t project a positive attitude through them they won’t be as effective as they should be. In essence, while you should pick business promotional items with care and manage campaigns with skill and focus, the actual content for your campaign should usually be something that encourages a relaxed, enjoyable attitude. There are only a few industries where making your promotions light hearted isn’t a good idea.

We have a category of fun and games business promotional items to encourage this kind of levity in your trade show giveaways and other business promotions. This section includes poker chips, rings to throw, cards, beach balls and camping gear. We have three categories spanning a number of products. Browse at the link and you’ll see what we mean.

Some companies will find business promotional items in this category that directly relate to their businesses. For example, poker chips may work well for a travel agency that offers gaming vacations to destinations like Las Vegas. Waterproof floating containers are a natural match for outdoor outfitters. These business promotional products act as a “first taste” of theses business’ product and service categories.

For many companies, the value of these business promotional items will really express themselves in concern with special events that these products will help facilitate. Companies purchase beach balls in anticipation of a beach fun event, or buy imprinted poker sets to contribute to a charity poker tournament. In these cases, integrating the event, imprinted promotional item and the expected public exposure is critical. Make sure media contacts get a full kit of your promotional items. In the aforementioned poker tournament, make sure your branded poker chips and cards appear in every camera shot!

Of course, you don’t always need a special event or an industry link to go with leisure based promotional products. Just make sure there’s some kind of logic to your choice, even if that “logic” is a deliberate expression of whimsy and fun. Sure, your business may not have anything to do with yo-yos, but in the right context, they make your company look fun, friendly and approachable: traits that make people want to do business with you.

Three Business Promotional Products for Internal Branding

Beyond distribution to potential customers through trade show giveaways and other means, business promotional products can serve a vital role in tailoring your company’s image when customers make contact. Whether clients walk into a brick and mortar store or meet you in a boardroom for a business to business transaction, internal branding, where you apply your logo and brand identity to your workplace and employees, helps create a consistent, positive impression.

Successful internal branding makes your company stand out and creates a lasting impression that encourages repeat business. It also generates an atmosphere of professionalism and success that makes clients more likely to recommend your firm to friends and colleagues. Let’s take a look at three business promotional products that work well as part of an internal branding strategy:

Imprinted Apparel

Imprinted apparel is practically mandatory for nearly any business where staff deal with the general public. Whether you deliver or perform services on location or greet people in a brick and mortar place of business, your staff should have a consistent look that makes your business’ name, field and general branding visible. Imprinted apparel can range from vibrant to subtle expressions of your brand. For example, a button down shirt might have a very small bit of stitched text, or you might acquire vests and shirts with a large logo in company colours.

Imprinted Pens

There seems to be no end to what imprinted pens can do. These promotional product standards can serve an important role inside your business as well. For staff, imprinted pens serve as a constant reminder of where they are and the company’s image, which can have a subtle but strong effect on morale. Your imprinted pens should also be on hand any time anyone at your place of business needs something to write with. You should encourage associates and clients to take pens with them, so that they can act as general business promotional items as well.

USB Memory

Promotional USB memory sticks should be the primary way you carry data by hand on company business. Thanks to huge drops in the price of flash memory, it’s cost effective to combine external promotions and internal branding in one order. This gives your staff the ability to keep work and personal data separate, and acts as an alternative way to transfer information to clients and partners in face to face meetings.

Beyond these items, mugs, glasses, calendars and more can brand your business inside and out Explore our catalogue to see the possibilities for yourself!

Business Promotional Item Specials for March 2010

It’s time to update our business promotional item specials once again! We have some great new specials, including some new products and product features we’re entering into the catalogue as specials to let everyone know they’re out there!

Let’s take a look:

Ball Caps: We have three different ball cap styles on special this month! The tri-colour cap is a 6000 thread cap like the brushed cotton constructed cap and V-pattern bill cap. These high quality caps are available in a variety of colours and ready to accept your branding in embroidery at a discount.

Double Wall Porcelain Mug with Silicone Lid – Now with FULL Colour Printing: This eco-friendly promotional product is one of our favourites. It replicates the classic functional design of a premium coffee paper or Styrofoam cup, right down to the lid, but replaces the disposable materials with reusable, environmentally friendly equivalents. Best of all, we can now provide full colour imprinting! These are perfect for food and drink related promotional events, or to serve your office’s coffee container needs. The silicone lid makes it as ideal for outings to grab coffee to take back to the office as it is to use with the office’s coffee maker.

Crescent Pen: This is a fantastic deal. This is a high quality metal bodied imprinted pen available for just 99 cents per unit. This is available in seven colours and ready for your engraving. Imprinted pens are one of the cornerstone business promotional items, good for everything from internal branding to trade show giveaways.

Imprinted Snuggies: We’ve kept these extremely popular items on special. These are the same Snuggies you see on TV, but with your added imprint. This is a novel promotional item that’s ideal for light hearted, family-oriented campaigns. Get them while prices are low!

We have other specials on dozens of other business promotional items. Visit our specials page to take a look at the entire selection!

Promos Canada Specials for February and March

This month, we’re adding eco-friendly promotional items to our business promotional product specials. We maintain a constantly rotated set of business promotional item specials to spread out attention through our enormous catalogue of over 20,000 promotional products, including trade show giveaways and personalized corporate gifts.

One of our favourite business promotional items is the imprinted porcelain cup with silicone lid. The mug looks just like a classic paper or Styrofoam mug, and has a similar feel that makes it comfortable to use. The silicone lid acts just like the traditional plastic lid to retain warmth and avoid spillage. But where you’d need to throw out the disposable version, this one can be rewashed and reused indefinitely. The porcelain cup (not the lid) is also microwave safe. It has a big imprinting area to make your company visible. Bulk orders cost as little as $7.30 per mug.

Imprinted tote bags are always popular as business promotional items, especially now that they’re practically mandatory for anyone going grocery shopping. Our eco shopping bag sends an environmentally friendly message matched by what you use it for: as a replacement for disposable plastic bags. The bags are available for $2.49 per unit – and this month, setup for your order is free!

Water bottles have also risen in popularity in the face of rising public awareness about the environmental impact of disposable plastic bottles. Furthermore, with questions about the health effects of BPA, more people are returning to tap water – but they need a way to have that water on hand on the road, in the office or at the gym. Our aluminum water bottle special fits the bill. It’s available in vibrant colours before you add your promotional laser engraving for as little as $5.51 per unit.

Remember, in addition to our specials we have 51 eco-friendly promotional products ranging from biodegradable imprinted pens and cups to promotional items made of recycled material and bamboo. Check back often as we add new specials and introduce brand new promotional items to our enormous catalogue.