Personalized Corporate Gifts Make Great Stocking Stuffers!

Anyone who works for a company knows that there is no such thing as too much corporate marketing. One creative and practical way to get the word out about the company is by using promotional items. The holidays are an excellent time to put personalized corporate gifts into the stockings of all the would-be clients on the holiday shopping list.

There are holiday gift ideas aplenty advertised on television, the radio, and in magazines. Not all of these are useful for promotional purposes, so the business should instead consider personalized corporate gifts and package these in a unique way. What current or prospective client would not enjoy receiving a stocking full of treats with a few promotional products included?

Flavored lip balm and a hand sanitizer spray pen are perfect gift ideas for females because they can be popped into a handbag. Ladies will stay sanitary and serve as a walking advertisement for the company. An InShape pedometer is a great business gift for either the ladies or men who want to stay fit and track their steps while doing so.

Safety should always be a top priority, so consider adding personalized corporate gifts focused on this angle. A grab-in-go first aid kit is convenient and compact, so the recipient can store it in the car, travel bag, or desk drawer. A rectangular key light can be hooked onto the keychain, lighting the person’s way on the dark trip to the car at night.

A flashing reflector light and mini ice scraper are perfect personalized corporate gifts for recipients in cold weather states. If the car skids off the road due to icy weather, the flashing light can be hung out the window or suspended from the car antenna. The mini ice scraper will come in handy during those snowy days that await us in colder months and it will advertise the sender’s business while doing so.

Xmas Gifts & Promotional Items For The Kitchen

Companies in the food service industry have many options when it comes to business gift giving during the holidays. Kitchen promotional items advertise the sender’s business while serving a practical purpose. These promo products take many forms but the common thread is that they all do a great job of corporate marketing.

Recipients will enjoy using kitchen promotional items over the many years of use they provide. One business gift that will see heavy use on a regular basis is the cutting board with cheese slicer. This lovely and spacious oakwood board includes an integrated stainless steel cheese slicer perfect for cutting large cheese blocks.

Other cheese-related promo products include the cheese cutting board with utensils. Four utensils are housed in a unique flip-over compartment and the compartment for the knife is magnetized. When the product is flipped over, a large beechwood cutting board is available for use. This product is one of the more original gift ideas for clients.

A stainless steel pepper mill and salt shaker are one of the elegant kitchen promotional items available for purchase. The pepper shaker adjusts to deliver either coarse or fine pepper and features a ceramic mechanism. With the company logo imprinted on the sleek surfaces of each container, this makes a stylish business gift.

Companies that want to do their part for the environment should consider sending an eco utensil set or eco knife set. Bamboo utensils, a serving spoon, spatula, and strainer spoon, are packaged in a 100 percent recyclable container. Included in the knife set are utility, bread, chef, and Santoku knives, made from stainless steel and bamboo.

These and other kitchen promotional items make great business gifts for or from anyone who works in food service or just enjoys cooking. Most of these products will be used on a daily basis, so the corporate marketing is an aspect that is ever-present. Others will admire the attractive gifts and know that the company has good taste.