Imprinted Pens Are The Perfect Trade Show Giveaways

Trade shows are something that just about every facet of business can benefit from at one point or another. They offer exposure to clients that may not have otherwise even thought of the business in a given aspect. This is why it is important to make sure your company stays in their thoughts long after the show is over. This is also why imprinted pens make the perfect trade show giveaways.

Promotional items are a part of any successful tradeshow. The key is to make sure your giveaway stands out in the crowd or is something useful that will cause them to hold onto it, keeping that logo and company name fresh in their minds. Since everyone needs and uses different types of pens, offering them at a show usually means the business can leave a lasting impression.

An important factor to remember when using this type of trade show giveaway is that while you will want to control your costs, you also want something that will not fail the client when they go to use it. It will pay off in the end to not only use a product that costs a bit more, but one that actually writes when the client needs it to. Something else to remember is to choose a different look, one that will not blend in with everyone else that is offering pens or markers.

When choosing this type of trade show giveaway, it is often best to think big picture and look at the year’s events that are coming up. Most of the time, buying in bulk will generate a significant discount. If more than one show is scheduled throughout the year, get an estimate together for how many pens will be used and buy them all at one time.

If a company is giving away swag at a trade show, it should be something that the client will be able to use down the road. Balloons and such are great to be noticed, but the moment the client leaves the show, they literally go up in the air. Offering things such as pens and highlighters will be more effective in the long run in keeping your company name at the forefront of their thoughts.