Custom Promotional Products To Keep Your Brand In The Spotlight

Custom promotional products are a great way to keep your business out in the public eye long after the event is over. In fact, using something a lit bit out of the ordinary is the perfect way to make sure your company is noticed at a trade show or other networking event. Here are a few ideas on some custom promotional products that will keep the consumer thinking about your business long after the day is over.

Custom Shape Bands-wrist bands for support of a cause have become extremely popular over the last few years. The big push on these started when Lance Armstrong wore the yellow band to help promote his foundation. From that point forward, every cause under the sun was using them. Take advantage of this fad by creating custom shape bands with your corporate name and supported charities on it.

Key Rings and Holders-these promotional giveaways are a standard promotional item for any company. Because they are so popular, it is important to have something that stands out from the competition. Use something unique, like a button key light, or perhaps something more practical and useful, like a digital clock key ring, that will all but ensure the client keeps using them and promoting your brand.

USB Memory Sticks-this is a little more expensive, but is also something just about every businessperson uses today. Pick some unique colors that will draw some attention to the item. Or, perhaps, choose something that serves a dual purpose, like a business card USB. At the very least, people will be asking where the person got it from when they see it come out.

Small and large businesses alike have been using custom promotional products for years to help spread the word about their business. Everyone likes something for nothing, and the competition for quality swag has never been fiercer. Just make sure you stay on top of the latest products and it will be your company that benefits from the added exposure these products offer.