Golf Balls Are Perfect Custom Promotional Products And Make Unique Trade Show Giveaways

Warm weather throughout the country means golfers are hitting the courses. Whether they are involved in golf tournaments or just getting in a round after lunch, they need plenty of golf balls. A company interested in creative marketing should consider using golf balls as custom promotional products and trade show giveaways.

Trade show floors are filled with booths providing giveaways like pens, paper, and key chains. However, you would be hard-pressed to find many companies that use promotional golf balls as trade show giveaways. Any business sets itself apart from the competition by giving away Nike, Pinnacle, or Top Flite golf balls at its booth. There will be a long line there and sales should be reflective of this.

Businesses that sponsor golf tournaments can do more than use custom promotional products like banners. They should have plenty of promotional golf balls on hand to show their support for the sport. Golfers will use these while practicing and fans might even sneak onto a nearby course with them for some golf when the tournament is not underway.

Promotional balls also make great corporate gifts for customers who love golf. These folks may just be itching to get out on the course and the balls are all it takes to get them out of the office. As you two travel to the course, the perfect environment is created to land the deal of a lifetime. All due to an inexpensive box of golf balls!

Trade show giveaways, golf tournaments, and corporate gifts are just a few of the many uses for custom promotional products like golf balls. These can also be incorporated into holiday gift baskets or simply sent as a reminder that the person is being thought of throughout the year. Taking time to learn which customers and prospects love golf and sending them an appropriate gift goes a long way.

Personalized Corporate Gifts That Your Clients Will Love

Any business owner that truly wants to make an impression with their clients when giving away promotional items needs to think outside the box. While some higher end items are not feasible for trade shows or events of that nature, showing a loyal customer that you care with a more thoughtful gift will surely be appreciated. With spring in full swing and summer right around the corner, think about offering seasonal personalized corporate gifts to your best clients.

Barbeque season is here and most people tend to make do with a simple BBQ set. However, offering a deluxe BBQ set to your favorite client will be $70 well spent. Any client that makes it a point to talk about how much they love being out on their deck over the summer will surely appreciate the upgrade something as nice as this will offer their summer celebrations.

Another great item to offer clients that love to fire up their grill is a cutlery carving set. This corporate gift idea can feature your company’s logo on the handle and keep your business fresh in their minds, even when they are enjoying their downtime. We all know our business sense never shuts down, so why not be the one business that remains as the forefront of their thoughts.

Something that will be far less of an investment yet still offer a nice personalized touch is a chef’s apron. A personalized corporate gift like this can feature a funny saying on the front, along with your company’s logo on the bottom. When the client’s guests ask where they got the item, all they need to do is point down to your logo.

We all want our business to stay in our client’s thoughts at all times, but it is obviously not feasible to be with them at all times. Using personalized corporate gifts like the ones mentioned above not only keeps your business presence; it also reminds them that your business actually cares. That question that gets them to mention the business or the logo handle on the BBQ set might be just enough to provoke a phone call come Monday morning.