Personalized Corporate Gifts Like Clocks And Timepieces Make An Elegant Statement

When a company wants to make a real statement with its personalized corporate gifts, it thinks from a functional perspective. Clocks and other timepieces should be the first items that come to mind. These promotional gifts help customers keep time and may perform other useful tasks. Whatever their features, they are sure to get years of regular use.

Personalized gifts like these are designed for those who make every moment count. Whether they are wall clocks, desk clocks, or watches, they display the accurate time. Stopwatches are designed for the sporting type and are offered in styles that clip to a gym bag or a loop in track shorts. Laser engraving ensures that the company name is prominent so the customer never forgets it.

Corporate gifts like watches have come a long way in recent years. They are no longer cheap products that fall apart after a few weeks. A stainless steel watch resists water and is shockproof. Luminous hands provide accurate time readings in the dark. With a choice of silver, white, or black mirrored dials, these personalized corporate gifts are as attractive as they are functional.

When more than just a timepiece is needed, consider corporate gifts like a desktop weather station. It features a large digital display of the time plus a timer, alarm, calendar, and the temperature. It also holds a decent supply of writing instruments. A corporate logo can be silkscreen printed on the front of this leatherette product.

Even a basic clock takes on a new appearance when it is granted the promotional touch. Ad runner clocks are the hot new personalized corporate gifts. They feature a triangular rotating ad designed to keep the business name spinning around in a customer’s mind. Multicolor imprinting on each of the three panels allows a company to include its best promotional designs.

Incorporating Practical Tools Into Your Custom Promotional Products

The secret in having a successful custom promotional products give away is in making sure the customers can actually use the items that are being given away. Swag is great, but if it is not unique or practical, it will have very little chance of surviving the junk pile or trash can once the customer gets it home. If that happens, every penny spent on the items is wasted as the brand will never see the light of day. Here are a few ideas to ensure that the budget is not wasted and the customer will actually use the business promotional items being given away.

Everyone uses tools and an extra tool kit will surely be appreciated. The 15pc Tool Kit has just about everything any man or woman would want for the car or office. At just under $50, it is not something that can be given out to all customers, but it is idea for those VIP customers that you want to make an impression upon. It will not take up much space in the trunk of the car and is small enough to fit into a desk drawer.

Something similar that can be offered for much less of an investment is the Handy Compact Tool Set. This retails for just over $15 and has many of the necessities for some quick repairs. Larger orders can receive as much as a 20 percent discount on the purchase, making the cost less than $12 per piece. When everyone else is giving out a beer bottle opener and a key chain, your company is making a real impression with quality custom promotional products such as this great Trade Show Giveaway!

Is there ever anything more frustrating than seeing a loose screw and not having the proper tool to tighten it? The Mini-Screwdriver Set features multiple screwdrivers that will be ideal for smaller screws, such as those found on eyeglasses and computers. When they reach for the screwdriver, they will be reminded that your business gave them this useful custom promotional product. It just may result in a phone call and some extra sales!

If you are looking for something that offers even more portability than the items mentioned above, think about using pocket knives as your promotional items. The 13 Function Translucent Pocket Knife lists for under $4 and makes your old Swiss Knife look like a piece of junk! It has everything from a bottle opener to scissors and everything in between. It will not only serve as a useful practical tool, but may just evoke some past memories of their childhood days.