Custom Imprinted Promotional Products Are Effective

Custom promotional products or imprinted promotional products whichever term is preferred, you know that these items are effective. Many companies provide high-quality promotional items and consumers love to receive them for free. They always use them and tell their friends about how the company values its customers.

More companies are offering items that correspond with the latest trends which consumers love. Many are into the fitness craze these days, products like customized pedometers help track miles. Combining the pedometer with an FM radio will be a perfect product as they walk around.

Golf shoe and glove bags are perfect for the organized golfer. Golf-themed gift packs offer up nicely as contest prizes.

Recycled shopping bags are great gift offers and provide the company with good advertisement whenever the customer is shopping at the market.

An auto adapter for USB-powered devices is very helpful during a long car ride. Road warriors love these products. While cell phones can do many things these days, busy individuals don’t have time to search for the calculator feature. Thus, offering them with a combo calculator and sticky note case so they can do computations and make quick notes is a great tool.

The smallest of consumers will not be left behind when it comes to promotional products either. Even a toddler can sip on a baby bottle imprinted with a company logo. There are also bibs, rompers, and pacifiers for babies. “Big kids” love imprinted two-handled sippy cups and any school-aged child will take a kid’s cup to soccer or gymnastics practice.

Water bottles are reasonable and reusable promotional products. BPA-free imprinted bottles are beneficial to customers for them to stay hydrated while on a hike or at the beach. There are bottles designed to fit in bike holders and others feature carabiner clips for attaching to a backpack.

Eco Friendly Promotional Products to Go Green.

Many eco-friendly promotional products serve as business promotional items by having an imprinted company logo. This also promotes that the business believes in conserving our planetary resources. This kind of advertising gives positive implication and would encourage nice recommendations from existing customers.

Jar openers are one of the handiest devices because they are useful.  They cost less than one dollar each and are constructed from post-consumer recycled tires.  They’re a smart alternative for any business. The imprint area is huge and both sides are available. Select from designer colors like navy blue, teal, silver, and gold if the basic black or white will not cut it.

Calendars made from recycled paper are also an excellent choice. The covers are made from 100 percent recycled material and the wire binding is recyclable. Journals come with recycled pens and are available for under $6.00 each. If you need extra pens, they are available in different colors and styles with single and multiple color imprints available. Organic materials make the majority of the pen biodegradable.

Recycled and collapsible trash cans serve many purposes in addition to being refuse holders. They hold laundry, blankets, essentially anything that needs holding or storing. Consumers will find these very functional while noticing the company logo on the product. Compostable and biodegradable lawn and leaf bags take the company name outdoors. A four-color imprint makes any company logo stand out on these 30-gallon bags.

Consumers will be attracted to cotton and canvas totes, because they make a great beach bag overnight tote, and baby bags for as low as $8.50 each. The package comes with a 14-ounce tote with a zipper closure, contrasting color handles and bottom. The company logo is screen printed on the front pocket and an embroidery area is available on the back. If a more business-friendly bag is desired, consider the recycled messenger bag with multiple compartments and organizer sections.

Using environmental friendly products should pay off when it comes to customer word of mouth.