Custom Coffee Mugs That Capture Attention

Custom coffee mugs have been popular promotional items for years. During this time, their functionality has remained the same but their style has been completely overhauled. Marketing and promotion employees who have avoided using these items for appearance reasons may want to reconsider. Current versions feature modern lines and fashionable colors.

Rounded custom coffee mugs do not have the sharp angles of traditional versions. Instead, they feature a circular bottom, which may be highlighted by a contrasting color to accent the area. Using the same color for the rim and base, and one that complements the corporate logo, creates a coordinated look. Laser engraving or a four-color process may be available for the print area.

Some of the newer personalized coffee mugs are much larger than original styles. A 16-ounce mug holds two cups of hot or cold beverage, eliminating the need for a refill at the coffee pot. Blue, black, and red are a few popular mug colors and some mugs are white on the outside with color on the interior and the handle. There are even versions that feature an animal print band of color around the drinking area.

Double walled porcelain cups with lids are an alternative to the wasteful Styrofoam and paper versions. These customized coffee mugs come in different colors, with front or back imprinting or wrap print. The silicone lid can handle high temperatures, keeping beverages contained safely during transport. There will be no worry of spilling and drivers can enjoy a hot beverage on the way to work.

Contemporary custom coffee mugs like these are designed to capture attention. Reusable promotional items consider the environment while advertising the company. After reviewing the various styles, sizes, and colors available, the corporate marketing team can decide whether mugs are good choices for upcoming promotional efforts.

Choosing Imprinted Promotional Products For Your Business

There are so many imprinted promotional products to choose from that it can be difficult to decide. A marketing department wants to promote the company in every way possible. This makes it easy to get carried away during the shopping process. A wiser approach takes the corporate budget and marketing goals into account.

Identifying The Best Promotional Marketing Products

After determining how much money is available to spend, think about the objective of this marketing campaign. Will the imprinted promotional products be used to promote an event? If so, choose one or more items that are relevant to the event such as golf tees or balls for a golf outing or auto accessories like tire pressure gauges and license plate frames for an auto show.

For generic campaigns, eco-friendly or health-related items show the company cares. For example, business promotional products like reusable tote bags or travel mugs made from eco-friendly materials support the recycling chain. Personal care items such as first aid or sunburn kits, wet wipes, and hand sanitizers help prospects and customers stay healthy while promoting the business. Travel-size kits and keychain style sanitizers make these products convenient to carry.

Promotional Marketing Products And Your Audience

Promotional marketing products should be practical for the target audience to use. Distributing fitness-themed business promotional products is not a smart idea if the recipients are not athletically inclined.
Sunglasses and umbrellas are ideal for prospects and clients who spend time outdoors. USB memory sticks are suitable for business travelers and memo pads and sticky notes are great for anyone who spends time in the office.

Keep things simple but take advantage of trends like technology. Memory sticks are one of the hottest imprinted promotional products right now, as are computer accessories, laser pointers, and trendy looking water bottles. Select several unique and affordable items, imprint the company logo on them, and distribute them throughout the year.