Go Green With Eco Friendly Promotional Products

With so many products on the market, we have become a society of excess. Not only is this unnecessary, it is wasteful. The greediness of today could lead to planetary problems for future generations. By selecting eco friendly promotional products, companies can do their part to conserve environmental resources and promote recycling.

Reusable shopping bags are popular eco friendly products seen at grocery stores and malls. Large retailers are jumping on the trend and even small towns sell these bags to raise money for downtown development. Organizations often choose these custom promotional products because they are low-priced and some styles are made partially from recyclable materials.

Traditional flashlights are powered by electricity or disposable batteries, both wasteful from an environmental perspective. Hand-powered flashlights are eco friendly promotional products because they feature recyclable batteries and an in-unit charger. The user simply squeezes the handle to charge the batteries when the two powerful white LED lights begin dimming. This small flashlight features a wrist strap for easy carrying.

Crank-powered weather band radios that use rechargeable batteries are eco friendly products designed for golfers, boaters, and others who enjoy outdoor activities. Users operate the wind-up mechanism to charge the batteries and they listen through the speaker or attach their own headphones. The company logo is silkscreened on the front of the radio beneath the band area. Promotional items like these are suitable for holiday gifts and welcome presents for new clients.

Eco friendly promotional products can be found in categories from office items to kitchen products. More businesses are incorporating these into marketing efforts. It is a guilt-free way to advertise the company because the items are either made from recycled materials or designed to be reused. Customers tend to appreciate these products much more than items they must discard after using once.

Popular Trade Show Giveaways For 2012

A new year ushers in new trends, especially in the promotional products arena. As a company begins implementing its 2012 marketing strategy, the consideration becomes how to promote itself. Trade shows offer exposure to large audiences and trade show giveaways make a memorable impression on attendees. Marketing departments should consider some of the most popular promotional items for 2012.

Clothing items are promotional products that anyone can use. Exhibitors who offer hats, shirts, or sweatshirts are always popular with the crowd. Zip-up ripstop jacketsare one of the newest trade show giveaways to hit the market. Some versions feature a hidden hood designed for windy or rainy days. These jackets are popular because they can be folded compactly into a suitcase or even an overnight bag.

People seem to have more “stuff” these days, which means they are carting more things around with them. Zippered totes are perfect trade show promotional items because they immediately serve a purpose. Attendees can use their tote to carry around documents from presentations and to store other promotional items they receive. Exhibitors love to see their bags “walking around” the trade show floor.

Trade show giveaways have expanded into unique sectors like baby products. Imprinted juice cups, sand pails, pacifier holders, and even baby bottles are available. Baby bibs are promotional products that baby will wear at home and while dining out at a restaurant. Moms will love picking up an imprinted diaper bag and wipe holder from the trade show booth.

Trade show giveaways are not what they used to be. These promotional products serve functions previously reserved for privately branded items. Marketing employees should consider the newest trends to determine the best trade show giveaways for 2012. Being the most popular booth on the trade show circuit should make 2012 a banner year.