Promotional Items Designed For Travelers

Many business professionals find themselves traveling more often than not. If your company calls these busy workers its clients, take care of them. Corporate promotional items designed for travel will be much appreciated. They will also do a great job of promoting your business during their local, regional, and global journeys.

Airline regulations have made it less convenient to carry liquids onto a plane. A clear zippered pouch allows airport security personnel to see contents of small jars without having to remove each one. These airline-friendly promotional items contain liquids and other small items, keeping them from getting lost or spilling in the luggage. With the company logo screen printed on them, they are very professional advertisements.

A long plane trip is more comfortable when travelers have their own blanket and next pillow. Travel kits featuring these and an eye mask are perfect for clients who regularly fly the friendly skies. These custom promotional products feature a one-color imprint on the carrying bag, making them very attractive and convenient to transport.

Some people take their cup of java on the bus or train for the morning commute. They will appreciate free promotional items like travel mugs because these hold their beverage and keep it hot. Hardcore coffee drinkers will love a deluxe beverage kit that features a nice-sized stainless steel thermal beverage container and two stainless steel mugs. One mug can be kept at the office, while the other mug and the thermos make the daily commute.

Travel-friendly promotional items allow a company to market to a moving audience. Whether they are used on the bus, train, plane, or bike ride to work, they will get face time with prospective customers. Items like these can even spark a conversation, allowing the client to tell everyone what a great company yours is.

Go High-Tech With Custom Promotional Products

Let the changing face of technology serve as inspiration for custom promotional products and you will never go wrong. Everyone wants the latest technology gadgets and when a business promotes itself on a tech-friendly item, it captures the attention of a savvy target audience. These are the folks every company wants to call customers because they know quality.

The Apple iPhone has quickly become a consumer favorite because it is reasonably priced, easy to use, and very versatile. An iPhone skin is one of those promo items that instantly pay for itself. This full-color skin is designed for different generations of the iPhone and when it features custom corporate artwork, it stands out.

A gel smartphone case designed for the iPhone is another great choice. A bit more reserved, it comes in clear or transparent yellow, blue, red, or green. Select a color that  complements the company logo and watch iPhone users advertise your business wherever they go. These will be the most popular promotional items at industry trade shows and sales conventions. Order large quantities of each color because they will go quickly and missing this promotional opportunity would be unfortunate.

USB memory sticks are one of the most in-demand custom promotional products. Manufacturers have responded by creating these in a rainbow of colors and a variety of shapes. Capacities range from one to eight gigabytes and these promo items are so compact, they can fit in a small pocket. No need to put them there because some adhere to a wristband or clip onto a keychain.

Everyone seems to work on the go these days, which makes these tech-friendly custom promotional products big winners with prospects and clients. Tap into your inner techie and order these when the current promotional items run low. After going high-tech, a company will experience a new level of success.