Join The Green Movement—Use Eco Friendly Promotional Products

Everyone seems to be “going green” these days and by joining the movement, a company shows it cares about the environment. Eco friendly promotional products get the corporate marketing message across and they take our planet into account. Whether they are made from recyclable materials or encourage green practices by those who use them, these unique products get noticed.

Tote bags made from recycled materials are the perfect green promotional products for a trade show. When visitors stop by the exhibit booth, they can pick up a colorful bag with the company logo on it. It will soon become their carryall, storing documents and other freebies. Once home, these bags are perfect for hauling groceries or laundry.

Whenever a flashlight is needed, the batteries always seem to be dead. This will never happen with hand-powered flashlights. To charge these eco friendly promotional products, simply squeeze the handle. Once the built-in rechargeable batteries have enough juice, the two white LED lights will shine through the darkness. A convenient wrist strap keeps this flashlight handy during a nighttime hike or while walking the dog.

It is wasteful to use paper and plastic cups because these items create more refuse for landfills. Clients will love eco friendly corporate gifts like reusable sports bottles and hot beverage containers. A company can even have its logo printed on a water bottle designed to fit in a bike cup holder. Every time they take a drink, recipients will think of the company that considers the environment.

Eco friendly promotional products make sense from a corporate perspective. They allow a company to advertise itself without any harmful effects on the environment. Prospects and customers appreciate the fact that a business puts the planet first. With the increasing number of green promotional products available, every marketing department should be able to find some appropriate items.

Family-Friendly Imprinted Promotional Products

Adults are not the only ones who find imprinted promotional products useful. Kids love these free items and are not shy about using them at home and school. Offering promo items that children find useful shows the public that your business is thoughtful. Parents will love these items and contact your company first when they need something it offers.

Kids love their music, so imprinted promotional products like metal CD cases are very popular. Each case holds 16 CDs and the metal zipper closure keeps CDs from falling out of the container. This case is much better than a regular CD sleeve because it protects CDs and prevents them from getting lost. Kids can throw the case into their school bag to share music with friends.

Many young children enjoy arts and crafts but parents have nightmares about the damage they can inflict with scissors. Unique promotional products like safety scissors are designed for youngsters with the urge to cut things. These are made entirely of plastic and feature no sharp points or edges but they are still able to cut through paper, cardboard, and even plastic. With the company name and logo imprinted on the side, these scissors look as sharp as they cut.

Sticky note booklets are one of the customized promotional products that children will use as much for fun as they do to mark pages in their schoolbooks. Each booklet features sticky note squares and five different colors of sticky flags. With the company name, logo, and slogan on the front cover, parents are reminded of your business.

These are just a few imprinted promotional products that children love. Distribute these at community events and adults will scoop up handfuls of these customized promo items to take home to their children. They will love your business for keeping their kids entertained and will quickly become loyal customers.

Business Promotional Items For Everyone

Some entrepreneurs think they have seen, and received, all the business promotional items on the market. When they get pens, stress balls, and notepads, they toss these free promotional items into their drawers without a second thought. What if we told you there were items that will raise even their eyebrows and cause them to call your business first when a relevant need arises?

A Waterman pen is anything but the typical writing implement. This high-priced item screams sophistication and any client would be proud to be seen with it. With its black body, matte silver trim, and 18-karat gold nib featuring rhodium overlay, this pen is a beauty. The unique shape fits perfectly into the hand and ball-roller and fountain styles are available.

Not every corporate budget will accommodate such expensive business promotional items. Fortunately, there are many items that look just as nice but cost much less. Frequent travelers will find a combination backpack and duffel bag quite useful. While they are traveling for business or pleasure, this bag will advertise your company. Custom promotional items like these speak volumes without saying a word.

Some clients and prospects prefer driving to flying and for them, personalized promotional items for the automobile are perfect. These road warriors will be thankful they have an ice scraper and emergency car kit when unexpected bad weather results in a breakdown. Those who are always driving with the family will get much use from portable corporate promotional items like first aid kits.

With a little creativity, business promotional items can impress even the most courted clients and prospects. Finding products that meet the unique needs of these individuals will make a big impression. These folks will appreciate the extra effort and reward you with their business over the years, making this marketing investment worthwhile.