How to Use Traditional Marketing Methods for Your Online Marketing Campaigns

The online world has become so much bigger today. People from all ages—from the young and old—now make use of the Internet for a wide range of purposes.
Now, if you are an entrepreneur, then you would of course have noticed this immense popularity of the platform. Fortunately, using it to your advantage need not be that much of a problem. In fact, you can even use tried and tested traditional marketing methods to make your online marketing campaigns a success.
Here are some things to keep in mind:
Communication is Key
Remember: Whatever the platform you may be using, you will need to effectively communicate your message to your intended audience. Once you are able to establish that—then you are on the right track.
Be direct with your message. Don’t use too much “fluff.” The online platform is a very convenient way to interact with your audience and you should take advantage of that. You can even use social media to know what your target market needs—and use that knowledge to deliver accordingly. The better (and clearer) the communication, the better will things turn out to be.

Promote, Promote—Promote
In order to enhance your marketability and brand, then you will of course need to promote your business.
You can hand-out promotional products to potential customers, in order to catch their interest. This is a very useful strategy—and chances are it will work on your online campaigns as well. If needed, you can make use of SEO and social media marketing strategies to increase your web visibility and ultimately, enjoy greater profitability.
Encourage Customer Loyalty
Another very important business principle to take note of is customer loyalty. In fact, many experts believe that having loyal customers is equally important with attracting new clients. You can also use this strategy for your online campaigns.
Show loyal clients that you appreciate their loyalty. Give out promotional items, loyalty rewards, customer discounts and related gifts—as a sign of appreciation to your loyal clients. This will encourage them to become even more loyal to your business and brand, and may even attract other potential clients as well.
Take note: in the end, marketing is about creating relationships with your market. So, whether you are using the traditional or online marketing route—the key is to make your customers feel that you’ll be there for them. This will not only lead to more effective marketing—but it will certainly boost your brand as well. And of course, that can’t be a bad thing.

Marketing “Resolutions” to Help You Welcome the New Year

Yes—the New Year is here! Accordingly, this is the perfect time for making some positive adjustments to our marketing efforts, in order to gain even more benefits in the long run.

So, what business approach should we take? How can we connect better with our market this year?

Here are some New Year marketing “resolutions” that you might want to put to good use:

Resolution #1: Connect With Your Audience More

We all know this: If you want to effectively market to your audience, then you need to actually connect with them. This is an essential aspect of business. Once you are able to build a good relationship with your market, then you are on the right track.

Tip: Be relatable. The more people relate to you and your brand, the better. Make your messages short, but interesting. Remember that a lot of people today just don’t have the time to read or view long marketing messages. If you are able to create messages that are direct to the point (but connect with them on a personal level), then there’s a higher chance that you’ll be able to convert people to actual buyers or customers.

Resolution #2: Do Additional Research

Ok—we all know that research is a vital aspect of business. As it is, we need to make sure that we are constantly updating our knowledge database, in order to keep things running as smoothly as they should.

Try to know more about your audience. What specific things do you think will they need? How can you encourage them to support your brand? What promotional methods do you think will work (promotional product giveaways, traditional marketing, Facebook ads, etc.)?

Remember: There are various strategies per market. Accordingly, it is important that you learn as much as you can about your business (and market), in order to find the appropriate strategies that will bring better results.

Resolution #3: Appreciate Your Loyal Supporters Even More

Chances are your brand has loyal supporters and fans that have been there with you for quite some time now. This New Year, it’s time to show appreciation for all the support they’ve been giving you.

Take note that customer loyalty is equally important with attracting new clients. As it is, we need to spend the same amount of time and effort in ensuring that our current crop of customers are (and will continue to be) loyal to our company and what we have to offer.
How to do this? Here are some tips:

• Give your loyal customers some promotional gifts as a “thank you” gesture for their support. This will make them more appreciative of your company, consequently boosting customer loyalty.

• Provide clients with updates. This will help them keep abreast of whatever’s happening to your company—making them feel that they are part of the family. And the end result: A deeper relationship with your customers.

• Interact with your customers. In this day and age, you can make use of social media and many other platforms to communicate and interact with your current and potential customers. The key here is to be consistent and to show how sincere you are in providing them with solutions. Accordingly, this will make them more confident of the fact that you really are there to help them out.

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