At Summer Golfing Events Promotional Products Serve Double Duty

Golf courses all over North America are being landscaped in preparation for the peak summer season. Many local, regional, and national golfing events will take place, offering business owners plenty of opportunities to sponsor and promote their companies. At these golfing events, promotional products will take center stage, being seen and used all over the course.

Inexpensive Promos for Golf Event Sponsors

Some companies spend the majority of their marketing budgets on sponsoring a golf event. This leaves little money for promotional items. Fortunately, several inexpensive promos feature a golf theme. Golf ball markers, wooden tees, golf bag ID tags, and tiny golf pencils with erasers are a sampling of the available items.

Corporate sponsors can even find unique promos like golf ball and tee holders, golf towels, and putting cups for under $5.00 a piece. At golfing events, promotional products like these will make a great impression even though they are not expensive. Everyone who sees them will remember the name of the sponsor.

Golf-Themed Promo Items for Major Sponsors

If your company sponsors a golf event, you want the business name front and center. There is no better way to do this than with customized hats. Golfers will wear these to protect themselves from the sun, advertising your business without saying a word. Brushed caps with pre-curved peaks have an elegant appearance. These come in attractive color combinations including navy and white and black and stone, each with 7,500 stitches of custom embroidery.

Golf umbrellas are other imprinted promotional products that make a major statement. These are used during sunny, rainy, and windy conditions, protecting golfers and their clubs. A PGA Tour umbrella featuring a 9×7-inch imprint will get the company noticed. Available in black or a royal blue-white combination, they have an easy open feature, lightweight shaft, and Velcro tie closure.


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