Business Promotional Items on a Budget

Business promotional items are a tried and tested way to create extended, positive brand awareness. A promotional gift moves your brand into potential customers’ personal space in a beneficial content – after all, they got an imprinted pen or other promotional product for free.

Naturally, that good will has a cost – you need to buy in bulk. While you can get a strong ROI on promotional products the initial sticker shock may cause you to hesitate. Fortunately, there are promotional items available in all price ranges. Promos Canada has a whole section devoted to imprinted promotional products that cost a dollar or less per unit – and if you buy in sufficient quantity, the price drops even further.

Let’s take a look at three popular selections from that category:

Budget Imprinted Pens: Bulk imprinted pens are already known for being one of the most cost effective promotional items. People always want new pens and tend to keep them around for a while. We have several styles available in the sub-dollar per unit range. If you have a higher budged or a small, focused target clientele remember that there are other pens available in higher price ranges, including types that make excellent executive gifts.

Imprinted Fridge Magnets: Imprinted fridge magnets are a great promotional item for businesses looking to market to consumers, not other businesses. The reason is simple: Every home has a fridge. This is a great idea for services such as auto repair, household supplies and renovation and cleaning. When consumers need these occasional services they usually want to find a provider on short notice – and your contact information is right in front of them. We have magnets available in a variety of shapes and styles ranging from business card fridge magnets to types designed to raise awareness of important issues.

Sticky Notes: Sticky notes are excellent crossover business promotional items because they work for home use, office use for your customers and for your own internal office branding – all at a fantastic bargain. The great thing about sticky notes is that people go to them again and again to take phone messages or remind themselves of tasks, so your company’s brand constantly gets reinforced.

These are just a few of the options for budget promotional items. We also have balloons, circular flyers, key rings and more. Visit the dollar or less promotional items section to see what’s available!

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