Join The Green Movement—Use Eco Friendly Promotional Products

Everyone seems to be “going green” these days and by joining the movement, a company shows it cares about the environment. Eco friendly promotional products get the corporate marketing message across and they take our planet into account. Whether they are made from recyclable materials or encourage green practices by those who use them, these unique products get noticed.

Tote bags made from recycled materials are the perfect green promotional products for a trade show. When visitors stop by the exhibit booth, they can pick up a colorful bag with the company logo on it. It will soon become their carryall, storing documents and other freebies. Once home, these bags are perfect for hauling groceries or laundry.

Whenever a flashlight is needed, the batteries always seem to be dead. This will never happen with hand-powered flashlights. To charge these eco friendly promotional products, simply squeeze the handle. Once the built-in rechargeable batteries have enough juice, the two white LED lights will shine through the darkness. A convenient wrist strap keeps this flashlight handy during a nighttime hike or while walking the dog.

It is wasteful to use paper and plastic cups because these items create more refuse for landfills. Clients will love eco friendly corporate gifts like reusable sports bottles and hot beverage containers. A company can even have its logo printed on a water bottle designed to fit in a bike cup holder. Every time they take a drink, recipients will think of the company that considers the environment.

Eco friendly promotional products make sense from a corporate perspective. They allow a company to advertise itself without any harmful effects on the environment. Prospects and customers appreciate the fact that a business puts the planet first. With the increasing number of green promotional products available, every marketing department should be able to find some appropriate items.

Family-Friendly Imprinted Promotional Products

Adults are not the only ones who find imprinted promotional products useful. Kids love these free items and are not shy about using them at home and school. Offering promo items that children find useful shows the public that your business is thoughtful. Parents will love these items and contact your company first when they need something it offers.

Kids love their music, so imprinted promotional products like metal CD cases are very popular. Each case holds 16 CDs and the metal zipper closure keeps CDs from falling out of the container. This case is much better than a regular CD sleeve because it protects CDs and prevents them from getting lost. Kids can throw the case into their school bag to share music with friends.

Many young children enjoy arts and crafts but parents have nightmares about the damage they can inflict with scissors. Unique promotional products like safety scissors are designed for youngsters with the urge to cut things. These are made entirely of plastic and feature no sharp points or edges but they are still able to cut through paper, cardboard, and even plastic. With the company name and logo imprinted on the side, these scissors look as sharp as they cut.

Sticky note booklets are one of the customized promotional products that children will use as much for fun as they do to mark pages in their schoolbooks. Each booklet features sticky note squares and five different colors of sticky flags. With the company name, logo, and slogan on the front cover, parents are reminded of your business.

These are just a few imprinted promotional products that children love. Distribute these at community events and adults will scoop up handfuls of these customized promo items to take home to their children. They will love your business for keeping their kids entertained and will quickly become loyal customers.

Go Green With Eco Friendly Promotional Products

With so many products on the market, we have become a society of excess. Not only is this unnecessary, it is wasteful. The greediness of today could lead to planetary problems for future generations. By selecting eco friendly promotional products, companies can do their part to conserve environmental resources and promote recycling.

Reusable shopping bags are popular eco friendly products seen at grocery stores and malls. Large retailers are jumping on the trend and even small towns sell these bags to raise money for downtown development. Organizations often choose these custom promotional products because they are low-priced and some styles are made partially from recyclable materials.

Traditional flashlights are powered by electricity or disposable batteries, both wasteful from an environmental perspective. Hand-powered flashlights are eco friendly promotional products because they feature recyclable batteries and an in-unit charger. The user simply squeezes the handle to charge the batteries when the two powerful white LED lights begin dimming. This small flashlight features a wrist strap for easy carrying.

Crank-powered weather band radios that use rechargeable batteries are eco friendly products designed for golfers, boaters, and others who enjoy outdoor activities. Users operate the wind-up mechanism to charge the batteries and they listen through the speaker or attach their own headphones. The company logo is silkscreened on the front of the radio beneath the band area. Promotional items like these are suitable for holiday gifts and welcome presents for new clients.

Eco friendly promotional products can be found in categories from office items to kitchen products. More businesses are incorporating these into marketing efforts. It is a guilt-free way to advertise the company because the items are either made from recycled materials or designed to be reused. Customers tend to appreciate these products much more than items they must discard after using once.

Eco Friendly Promotional Products to Go Green.

Many eco-friendly promotional products serve as business promotional items by having an imprinted company logo. This also promotes that the business believes in conserving our planetary resources. This kind of advertising gives positive implication and would encourage nice recommendations from existing customers.

Jar openers are one of the handiest devices because they are useful.  They cost less than one dollar each and are constructed from post-consumer recycled tires.  They’re a smart alternative for any business. The imprint area is huge and both sides are available. Select from designer colors like navy blue, teal, silver, and gold if the basic black or white will not cut it.

Calendars made from recycled paper are also an excellent choice. The covers are made from 100 percent recycled material and the wire binding is recyclable. Journals come with recycled pens and are available for under $6.00 each. If you need extra pens, they are available in different colors and styles with single and multiple color imprints available. Organic materials make the majority of the pen biodegradable.

Recycled and collapsible trash cans serve many purposes in addition to being refuse holders. They hold laundry, blankets, essentially anything that needs holding or storing. Consumers will find these very functional while noticing the company logo on the product. Compostable and biodegradable lawn and leaf bags take the company name outdoors. A four-color imprint makes any company logo stand out on these 30-gallon bags.

Consumers will be attracted to cotton and canvas totes, because they make a great beach bag overnight tote, and baby bags for as low as $8.50 each. The package comes with a 14-ounce tote with a zipper closure, contrasting color handles and bottom. The company logo is screen printed on the front pocket and an embroidery area is available on the back. If a more business-friendly bag is desired, consider the recycled messenger bag with multiple compartments and organizer sections.

Using environmental friendly products should pay off when it comes to customer word of mouth.

Xmas Gifts & Promotional Items For The Kitchen

Companies in the food service industry have many options when it comes to business gift giving during the holidays. Kitchen promotional items advertise the sender’s business while serving a practical purpose. These promo products take many forms but the common thread is that they all do a great job of corporate marketing.

Recipients will enjoy using kitchen promotional items over the many years of use they provide. One business gift that will see heavy use on a regular basis is the cutting board with cheese slicer. This lovely and spacious oakwood board includes an integrated stainless steel cheese slicer perfect for cutting large cheese blocks.

Other cheese-related promo products include the cheese cutting board with utensils. Four utensils are housed in a unique flip-over compartment and the compartment for the knife is magnetized. When the product is flipped over, a large beechwood cutting board is available for use. This product is one of the more original gift ideas for clients.

A stainless steel pepper mill and salt shaker are one of the elegant kitchen promotional items available for purchase. The pepper shaker adjusts to deliver either coarse or fine pepper and features a ceramic mechanism. With the company logo imprinted on the sleek surfaces of each container, this makes a stylish business gift.

Companies that want to do their part for the environment should consider sending an eco utensil set or eco knife set. Bamboo utensils, a serving spoon, spatula, and strainer spoon, are packaged in a 100 percent recyclable container. Included in the knife set are utility, bread, chef, and Santoku knives, made from stainless steel and bamboo.

These and other kitchen promotional items make great business gifts for or from anyone who works in food service or just enjoys cooking. Most of these products will be used on a daily basis, so the corporate marketing is an aspect that is ever-present. Others will admire the attractive gifts and know that the company has good taste.

Promoting A Business With Imprinted Promotional Products

Marketers are responsible for ensuring that a business is not wasting money on useless promotional marketing. Freebies with business logos that are handed out to consumers will immediately find their way to the trash can if a consumer feels they are impractical, and this is a waste. Sensible imprinted promotional products are the most effective way of advertising a business.

One of these ideal advertising ideas is the fleece throw blanket. These come in a variety of colors and are available to have a business logo embroidered directly onto them. Comfy blankets are one thing no house can have enough of, so as a freebie, no one would pass up the chance to get their hands on one. They will be kept around for years, and thus, they are the perfect imprinted promotional products.

Imprinted promotional products are perfect when they could be otherwise expensive but serve a practical use as well. This is true of the wind-up weather radio and flashlight set or even the 58 piece first aid kit.  Every home should be prepared for power-outages and other disasters, so consumers are more than likely to have a desire for these products. Meanwhile, the fact that they are quality, practical tools will allow the customers to make a positive association with the promo products and the company name.

Furthermore, folding umbrellas are unique imprinted promotional products. Like the products mentioned before, they serve a practical purpose, even more so than a t-shirt or hat. Therefore, it is likely that the consumer will have this product for years to come and use it frequently, so the benefits really apply to the business.

Going practical is the best strategy for deciding which imprinted promotional products to use as advertising giveaways for a company. Certain products can be seen as excessive and its use will be short-lived. Thus, it’s important to decide what a customer might really use for an extended period of time, such as blankets and umbrellas.

Imprinted Bags As A Useful Promotional Tool

Every company wants to maximize the amount of times their logo is seen per day. However, e-mails can be deleted, radio stations can be switched off, and flyers can be avoided, so what’s the most effective and cost-efficient form of advertising? Consider this: everyone needs a bag for something. By getting imprinted bags with company logos on them, advertising a business is made simple.

Students, businessmen, teachers, and everyone in between uses a computer nowadays. Many people transport their laptops with computer bags every day, traveling public transportation, busy hallways, and crowded streets. Imprinted bags for computers are an extremely effective way to provide a service to a potential consumer and get a business logo seen by as many people as possible.

If a student or professor does not use a computer bag, then surely he or she uses a backpack. Imprinted backpacks are the ideal promo products, especially if the promoter is aiming to grab the attention of a certain demographic. Backpacks are just one more thing students have to purchase that they can barely afford, so with company-logo imprinted bags, businesses can get on their consumers’ good sides while also advertising their service.

Sports bags are widely used as well. It is not uncommon for businesses to sponsor a team, so athletes will be glad to show off an athletic bag with a respected company’s name on it. What is even better is that large groups of fans will see these imprinted bags as well, making sports bags an ideal for advertising a business to a maximized audience.

There is no better way to appeal to an extremely specific or extremely general audience than by utilizing imprinted bags. There is a type of bag for every type of person, so an advertiser has quite a few styles from which to choose. They are useful to customers and will draw in the attention of plenty of consumers.

How to Order Custom Imprinted Pens Online

Pretty much every person has seen different writing instruments that have company logos, names, phone numbers and web addresses imprinted on them at one location or another. These imprinted pens are great for promotional marketing by constantly and consistently keeping the business name in front of customers. Whether a small or large company, ordering custom writing devices will make any business look professional.

First and foremost, a budget and type of writing instrument needs to be decided upon, as these two factors will really help narrow down the choices. Once a budget has been determined, stick to it, and search the many available companies online that sell these imprinted pens. Many times when ordering online it will be easy to find advertising giveaways or promotional deals and specials to save even more money, with the most common deal being the buy one get one free type.

Once all the necessary research and homework has been completed, make the selection and place the order for your new promotional products. Be sure to also compare the different shipping and turnaround times, as they will vary widely from company to company. A little research can go a long way when taking the quality, price, and durability of the imprinted pens into account.

One example found online is the Cobblestone Pen Gift Set which comes with laser engraving for superior durability and appearance. This set will include the matching roller ball and ballpoint variety, which are beautifully preserved in a beautiful velvet-lined case. With large discounts for big orders, this is a sure fire way to make customers or potential customers aware of your business through promotional marketing.

Imprinted pens are great corporate marketing tools that a company can use to increase the profile of the brand.  Quite possibly one of the most cost-effective promotional products available today, one pen will often make multiple impressions. Since people often pick these items up and accidentally take them to home or work, a wide variety of people will see the brand name, and this will hopefully trigger them to shop at or use the services of the business.

Summer Promotional Products That are Eco Friendly too!

In this competitive business world, it is crucial to promote your brand image to every prospect you have. How would people utilize your products or services when they are not even aware of your existence? The growth of every organization depends on the popularity of products or services among consumers. As marketing is the cornerstone for the success of every company, using promotional products is a great way to optimize businesses. By focusing on the products that are “in season” can be a wonderful advertising tool to attain recognition.
Summer can captivate your senses with vibrant metaphors and liven up your spirits but summer heat is intolerable. With the constant usage of air conditioners, the energy consumption goes up radically. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), an average household spends $1,900 annually on energy (electricity and gas usage) in the summer season. It drastically impacts our ecosystem by enhancing carbon dioxide and CFC pollution.

Global warming is one of the most sensitive issues among conservationists and therefore, more and more organizations are now moving towards sustainable technologies. Eco friendly promotional products are a perfect solution for the organizations that are more than willing to prevent further degradation of our ecosystem. With the imprinted brand related message, these effective promotional products provide an additional message of: “We care about the environment.”

Promos Canada offers a wide variety of eco friendly promotional products geared for the summer season. Super Swig 25oz is a wise option for increasing the respective brand’s prominence. The product comprises of recycled aluminum that keeps drinks cold. Super Swig includes 1 color imprint (imprint area 9.25″ H x 5.75 W), ring-top, spill proof screw cap and quick release carabineer clip of 25oz.

The Jute Thunder Tote, made from a blend of jute and premium quality non-woven polypropylene is also very popular among various organizations. This wonderful summer promotional product is available in 13W X 10D X 15H size with imprint area of 5W X 10H.

Apart from this, Promos Canada has an innovative range of products such as earth friendly biodegradable sport bottles, recycled shopping bags, recycled mugs with a drink thru lid, recycled carry all, etc. that enables you to elevate your brand image effectively, while being eco friendly.