Fun Promotional Trade Show Giveaways

Before heading off to the next trade show, ship plenty of giveaways to distribute from the exhibits booth. Promotional trade show giveaways can win big points with customers who are torn between providers or are considering a product or service that an exhibitor offers. The best giveaways are fun to use and advertise the business in a prominent way.

Trade Show Giveaways That Capitalize on Fun

Many companies hand out pens, key chains, and bags at trade shows, but the most memorable giveaways are creative and make recipients smile. Food is always a big hit, so consider distributing mints in uniquely shaped containers or bags of chocolates or candies. Attendees will line up at the booth to get these promotional items, offering opportunities to build relationships.

Mugs are other traditional trade show giveaways, but insulated tumbler cups are new and exciting. Choose from a rainbow of colours and proudly display the company logo or name on both sides of these beverage containers. Attendees receive something they can fill with their favorite beverages and use every day.

Important Promotional Items for Any Trade Show

At registration, attendees pick up badges featuring their name and company name. Badges that are stuck or pinned to clothing can cause damage so sponsor lanyards that feature the name of your company. The organization running the trade show will appreciate the contribution and attendees will receive something attractive that they can use at future shows, advertising your business.

Even bottles of water become interesting promotional trade show giveaways when they include personalized labels featuring unique designs. Take advantage of four-color printing to create a label that captures attention. Include a company slogan or a tagline appropriate for the event and distribute these bottles at the registration desk. To make the best impression, have hotel housekeeping staff place a bottle in the room of each attendee.

Go Green This Summer with Eco Friendly Promotional Products

Businesses have a responsibility to this planet just as people do. Companies should reduce consumption disposable items and make efforts to recycle supplies and equipment. This mindset of conservation can even carry over to marketing efforts. Businesses can use eco friendly promotional products throughout the year, even during the upcoming summer season.

Low-Priced Green Promo Items

There is a common misconception that eco friendly items cost more money. Though this may have been true when the green movement began, it is no longer the case. Consumers can find eco friendly cleaners and other products for the same prices as traditional versions. For businesses, environmentally friendly custom promotional products like corrugated magnets and biodegradable plastic bags are available for under a dollar each.

Corporate marketers are often surprised at the wide assortment of low-priced promo items with an eco-friendly aspect. They may not be familiar with biodegradable imprinted pens or jar openers made entirely from post consumer recycled tires. These interesting products allow a company to make an environmental statement while promoting itself.

Unique Eco Friendly Promos

There is more to the eco friendly promo line than basic pens and magnets. Unique products like hand-powered flashlights are also available. The rechargeable batteries that power the LED lights are charged by squeezing the handle of the flashlight. An on-off switch ensures that energy is not wasted and the included wrist strap makes it easy to take this flashlight everywhere.

A utensil set is another of the unique eco friendly promotional products. It is constructed from bamboo, packaged in recycled paper stuffing, and presented in a recycled corrugated tube imprinted with the company logo. The included spatula, strainer spoon, and serving spoon are FDA compliant, not to mention attractive. Recipients will think of your company each time they prepare a meal this summer.

Imprinted Pens Are The Perfect Trade Show Giveaways

Trade shows are something that just about every facet of business can benefit from at one point or another. They offer exposure to clients that may not have otherwise even thought of the business in a given aspect. This is why it is important to make sure your company stays in their thoughts long after the show is over. This is also why imprinted pens make the perfect trade show giveaways.

Promotional items are a part of any successful tradeshow. The key is to make sure your giveaway stands out in the crowd or is something useful that will cause them to hold onto it, keeping that logo and company name fresh in their minds. Since everyone needs and uses different types of pens, offering them at a show usually means the business can leave a lasting impression.

An important factor to remember when using this type of trade show giveaway is that while you will want to control your costs, you also want something that will not fail the client when they go to use it. It will pay off in the end to not only use a product that costs a bit more, but one that actually writes when the client needs it to. Something else to remember is to choose a different look, one that will not blend in with everyone else that is offering pens or markers.

When choosing this type of trade show giveaway, it is often best to think big picture and look at the year’s events that are coming up. Most of the time, buying in bulk will generate a significant discount. If more than one show is scheduled throughout the year, get an estimate together for how many pens will be used and buy them all at one time.

If a company is giving away swag at a trade show, it should be something that the client will be able to use down the road. Balloons and such are great to be noticed, but the moment the client leaves the show, they literally go up in the air. Offering things such as pens and highlighters will be more effective in the long run in keeping your company name at the forefront of their thoughts.

How to Order Custom Imprinted Pens Online

Pretty much every person has seen different writing instruments that have company logos, names, phone numbers and web addresses imprinted on them at one location or another. These imprinted pens are great for promotional marketing by constantly and consistently keeping the business name in front of customers. Whether a small or large company, ordering custom writing devices will make any business look professional.

First and foremost, a budget and type of writing instrument needs to be decided upon, as these two factors will really help narrow down the choices. Once a budget has been determined, stick to it, and search the many available companies online that sell these imprinted pens. Many times when ordering online it will be easy to find advertising giveaways or promotional deals and specials to save even more money, with the most common deal being the buy one get one free type.

Once all the necessary research and homework has been completed, make the selection and place the order for your new promotional products. Be sure to also compare the different shipping and turnaround times, as they will vary widely from company to company. A little research can go a long way when taking the quality, price, and durability of the imprinted pens into account.

One example found online is the Cobblestone Pen Gift Set which comes with laser engraving for superior durability and appearance. This set will include the matching roller ball and ballpoint variety, which are beautifully preserved in a beautiful velvet-lined case. With large discounts for big orders, this is a sure fire way to make customers or potential customers aware of your business through promotional marketing.

Imprinted pens are great corporate marketing tools that a company can use to increase the profile of the brand.  Quite possibly one of the most cost-effective promotional products available today, one pen will often make multiple impressions. Since people often pick these items up and accidentally take them to home or work, a wide variety of people will see the brand name, and this will hopefully trigger them to shop at or use the services of the business.