Promotional Product Marketing: The Dos and Don’ts to Remember

Are you planning to use promotional products for your marketing campaigns? If so, then congrats! That can be a good move on your part.

Take note though: There are certain dos and don’ts to consider, if you want to make this strategy work.

What are they?

Here are some of them:

“The DOS”

Do #1: Be Relatable

As you may well already know, marketing is about communicating to your audience.

When giving out promotional items, make sure that your intended recipients can actually relate to them. As much as possible, your handouts must be useful, as this can help make them more interesting to your market. The more relatable they are—the better they will be received by your customers.

Do #2: Make Sure of Quality

If you want to impress your market, make sure that your promotional giveaways are actually of high quality. Remember that the quality of your gifts will reflect on your company as a whole. So, better make sure that your products give out the right impressions.

Do #3: Deal with the Right People

Get your freebies from manufacturers that are known for their reliability. Remember that promotional products are special “tools.” As it is, you should ensure that you are dealing with specialists who can actually deliver on what you need.

“The DON’Ts”

Don’t #1: Failing to Do Your Research

Remember that in business, research is a very important aspect to consider. Incidentally, that rule applies when using promotional products for marketing purposes.

Study your audience. Know what type of products or items they would most probably like. This will help you maximize the potential benefits of this marketing strategy—and will likewise help you avoid unnecessary hurdles along the way.

Don’t #2: Being Too Lazy

If you want your marketing efforts to succeed, then you will obviously need to exert some time and effort to actually make things work.

Again, you need to know your market. Take every detail into account. Which manufacturer will give the most out of your money? By actually taking the time and effort to know this, you get to ensure the feasibility of your campaigns. If you’re too lazy however, then you can’t expect to see the results you want.

Don’t #3: Being Too Price-Conscious

Yes, the price and rates of your promotional products is important. However, making price the only consideration for investing in a particular product can be quite risky.

Don’t commit the mistake of buying low quality options just because they are cheaper, as this can lead to disaster later on. If you’re a little tight on the budget, find high quality items with reasonable rates instead. This is certainly the wiser move—and the more feasible choice as well.

These are just some of the dos and don’ts to remember when planning to engage in promotional product marketing…

Just take note: Never underestimate the power of promotional products, as they can be handy tools that can help increase the viability of your business campaigns. Use them properly, and you can reasonably expect to see good results.

Spread the Cheer with These Promotional Gifts

Christmas is almost here! So, if you’re looking to make your business even better, then you might want to consider handing out gifts to make the season extra special!

Remember: Promotional products are not only for promotional purposes. You can also use them as corporate gifts to employees, as customer rewards for loyal customers—and many other purposes.

So, do you want to spread the cheer this Christmas? Here are some promotional items that you might want to consider handing out:

Ceramic Mugs – let your customers know you care by handing them out mugs for these cold days and nights of winter. People can use them for drinking hot java, coffee or any of their favourite beverages. Of course, you might want to place your business logo on the front, to remind people that this beautiful gift came from you.

Toddler Plate Set – we know that Christmas is one of the seasons that kids love the most. With this option, you are bound to impress parents and kids alike, making your business a whole lot more interesting at the same time. You can use this item for promotion or as a prize during office Christmas parties.

Flashlight Power Bank – in this day of smartphones and digital items, this interestingly-designed power bank is bound to make recipients smile! This device has enough juice to power mp3 players, smartphones and many other related gadgets. Oh, and one more thing: it’s a flashlight too!

Sweatshirts – don’t let the cold take away the fun of the season. Give your loyal customers sweatshirts that they can actually use. These are made of comfortable and durable materials, and have been double stitched for added durability. These come in different colors—and all you need to do is just take your pick.

Golf Balls – as any avid golf lover will tell you—winter won’t stop them from enjoying the game. If your target market is composed of golfers, then you can’t go wrong with this option. This can also serve as an excellent corporate gift for Christmas, both for executives and employees alike.

Wine Bag Chillers – who doesn’t like cold wine? With this giveaway, you can help your customers and recipients enjoy the season even more. It comes with the necessary features, including a durable handle and a snap closure. Just place them in the freezer, and you can expect your drink to become a whole lot colder (and better).

Business Card USBs – this option can be a pretty excellent giveaway, considering how basically everyone’s using computers nowadays. This sleek USB has a storage capacity of up to 8 GB. And did we mention that it’s designed like a business card? Yes—this promotional giveaway will not only help you store files, but it’s pretty interesting as well!

These are just some of the promotional gifts that you can use for the season. Take this opportunity to show your customers and employees that you actually care, by giving them gifts that are both interesting and usable. So, enjoy the season and spread the cheer!

Starting a Business? Remember These Tips…

Are you planning to get into a new business? Good for you! We all know that business is one of the best ways to gain financial freedom.

However, fact of the matter is: Starting a business won’t be easy. In order to reap the benefits (and profits) that you want—you will need to be strategic. This will make your endeavors a lot more successful.

Interested? Here are some tips to keep in mind:

Market Research

In order to actually attract more people to your business, you need to understand your market and the people composing it.


By understanding your market, you will have a better idea as to what approach you should be taking with them. This will make it easier for you to formulate the right message that they can relate to, as well as the strategies to take. Once you are able to have a clear understanding of your audience—the higher the chance for success.

Create a Plan

You will need a business plan, most especially if you’re just starting out. Remember that starting a new business will mean having to shell out some money. As it is, you should be careful—and study your “moves” beforehand. Accordingly, this will help you reduce unnecessary risks, and help you maximize potential benefits.

Promote, Promote—Promote

If you are a new business, chances are only a few people know who you are or what your company is all about. That is why you need to promote and market your business.

Fortunately, there are many affordable and effective marketing strategies that you can use. You can opt to use social media to communicate with your audience. You can use promotional products to entice more people to your brand. If there’s the need, you can also opt for traditional marketing methods (TV and radio ads, billboards, magazine ads, etc), although these can be more expensive compared to other methods.

Always Offer Value

Remember that everything you offer to the public will reflect on you company, business or brand. As it is, you should make it a point to always offer value and quality, whether it may be your content, promotional items, marketing message, and more importantly: your main product or service.

Take note: If you aren’t able to consistently offer value to people, then they will consequently lose interest. And once that happens, you will have a harder time encouraging people to support your business. Obviously, that can’t be a good thing for you.

Deliver On Your Claims

We all know how people hate false, empty promises. Hence, you should always make it a point to deliver on whatever claims you may have advertised or marketed. If you’re able to produce results consistently and efficiently, then you can expect your business to become better—ultimately making you the success you ought to be.

Ways to Keep Your Customers Coming Back for More

If you are in business, then you know how important your customers can be. After all, most businesses rely on how their customers and clients receive them. And without the needed support, then there will be big problems ahead.

And so, the question now is: how can we encourage our customers to keep coming back? How do we ensure that they will continue on supporting our business and our brand?

To find out, please continue reading:

Communicate with Your Audience

Communication is a key aspect that all businesses must take into account. By effectively communicating with your audience (target market), you’ll be able to convey your message clearly—thereby making it easier for you to encourage them to keep coming back.

Note: with the entry of social media and other virtual platforms into the picture, interacting and communicating with your market has become a lot easier and more feasible. Accordingly, you should take advantage of these platforms to make your message known—and more importantly, to build relationships with your customers. The better your relationships are—the better for your business.

Show Appreciation

People, in general, love being appreciated. Your customers are not an exception.

Show people that you actually appreciate their support. You can hand out simple tokens such as promotional products, certificates, customer discounts and other related “freebies” as a sign of gratitude. This can be a very good gesture, and one that is bound to encourage more people to your business.

Be Transparent

Take note: customers today can be very wise. As it is, you should be transparent enough to show the public that you are a business that can be trusted—and one that they should continue supporting.

Remember that two of the main ingredients of a successful business are: trust and transparency. If you are able to have these ingredients, then you’ll be able to have better relationships with your market. And as mentioned earlier, good relationships can certainly be a good way of encouraging your market to keep coming back for more.

Offer Value

This is one of the most important business concepts that you should take note of.

People sometimes focus too much on marketing strategies that they oftentimes forget what matters the most: the value they are offering to their clients.

As it is, you should always keep in mind to offer value—from the promotional products you’re handing out, the message you’re conveying, and more importantly: to the product or service you are offering.

By offering value, you do not only encourage current clients to come back for more, but you are also encouraging potential clients to give your business a try. In effect, this allows you to market your business directly and indirectly, which makes it a win-win solution.

These are just some of the ways you can convince your customers to keep coming back for more. In the end, what’s important is that you are able to make the needed adjustments for your business—and ultimately be the success that you ought to be.

How to Use Traditional Marketing Methods for Your Online Marketing Campaigns

The online world has become so much bigger today. People from all ages—from the young and old—now make use of the Internet for a wide range of purposes.

Now, if you are an entrepreneur, then you would of course have noticed this immense popularity of the platform. Fortunately, using it to your advantage need not be that much of a problem. In fact, you can even use tried and tested traditional marketing methods to make your online marketing campaigns a success.


Here are some things to keep in mind:

Communication is Key

Remember: Whatever the platform you may be using, you will need to effectively communicate your message to your intended audience. Once you are able to establish that—then you are on the right track.

Be direct with your message. Don’t use too much “fluff.” The online platform is a very convenient way to interact with your audience and you should take advantage of that. You can even use social media to know what your target market needs—and use that knowledge to deliver accordingly. The better (and clearer) the communication, the better will things turn out to be.

Promote, Promote—Promote

In order to enhance your marketability and brand, then you will of course need to promote your business.

You can hand-out promotional products to potential customers, in order to catch their interest. This is a very useful strategy—and chances are it will work on your online campaigns as well. If needed, you can make use of SEO and social media marketing strategies to increase your web visibility and ultimately, enjoy greater profitability.

Encourage Customer Loyalty

Another very important business principle to take note of is customer loyalty. In fact, many experts believe that having loyal customers is equally important with attracting new clients. You can also use this strategy for your online campaigns.

Show loyal clients that you appreciate their loyalty. Give out promotional items, loyalty rewards, customer discounts and related gifts—as a sign of appreciation to your loyal clients. This will encourage them to become even more loyal to your business and brand, and may even attract other potential clients as well.

Take note: in the end, marketing is about creating relationships with your market. So, whether you are using the traditional or online marketing route—the key is to make your customers feel that you’ll be there for them. This will not only lead to more effective marketing—but it will certainly boost your brand as well. And of course, that can’t be a bad thing.

How to Get the Most Out of Your Promotional Product Marketing

Using promotional products for marketing has been quite a useful strategy for various businesses. However, if you are looking to make this marketing strategy work—you will need to take certain details into account. So, what details do we need to consider? Please read on…

Businesses need to market whatever it is they may be offering. Otherwise, they won’t be able to spread their message across, which in turn, may result to some unwanted problems—such as loss of interest in the company, reduced profitability, failed branding efforts and many other issues.

Incidentally, one viable way to market your business is through the use of promotional products. In fact, this strategy offers a lot of benefits to businesses and entrepreneurs alike. Hence, if you happen to be in business, then you should seriously consider using such method for your own business campaigns as well.

To make things clearer, let’s look into how you can use promotional items for your marketing campaigns:

Know What Your Target Market Wants

As in all business strategies, you need to understand your target market in order to know the right approach when dealing with them. That same rule applies when you plan to use promotional giveaways and gifts.

What specific items do you think your customers (both present and future) would like? What age groups do they belong to? By knowing these details, you get to ensure that recipients will actually love what they get from you. And of course, when people love your giveaways—the higher the chance for success.

Be Unique

Chances are some of your competitors might also be handing out giveaways to the same target market. So, how can we stand out from the crowd? By handing out unique promotional products

The rule is: your handouts should be different and unique from what others are giving out. As it is, you should study your options well, in order to reap the best benefits.

One more thing: don’t just focus on aesthetics alone. Try to hand out custom giveaways that are usable as well. These will be more interesting for your recipients—and they are bound to appreciate it even more.

Quality over Price

Remember that the quality of your handouts will be a reflection on your company or business. As it is, you shouldn’t opt for certain items just because they are cheap. If possible, opt for giveaways that offer both quality and reasonability of prices.

Tip: Promos Canada has a lot of high-quality, interesting and inexpensive giveaways that can help make your marketing campaigns a success. All you need to do is just take your pick, give us your specifications—and we’ll be more than happy to help you out.

Promos Canada is a leading marketing specialist, with a large inventory of promotional products and giveaways—for businesses who want to “connect” with their target market.

To know more about the company and what it has to offer, you can call 1-877-552-6068 or visit

Custom Promotional Products to Help You Reach Your Audience

Time and time again, it has been discussed that promotional products can be quite a viable and effective way to reach your target audience. After all, giving out handouts will not only make you more attractive to your target market, but it will certainly make you more marketable as well.

Now, if you are planning to use handouts for your business, using customized promotional products just might a better idea.


Handing out unique items will allow you to connect with your audience in a better, deeper and more emotional manner. Accordingly, this will make your marketing campaigns more effective—and more feasible as well.

To help make things clearer, let’s look at some unique handouts that you can use for your intended audience:

Custom Hats – this item can be quite a good handout, considering how usable it can be. Hats, depending on their design and style, can be used basically every day of the year. So, this means recipients will be able to use it anytime they want—thereby exposing your brand to more people (aka: greater brand recognition and awareness).

Custom Sunglasses – if you’re looking to give out something “cool,” then this item can be the perfect option. This handout can be more viable during summer, as it will be a lot more useful during that time. Just take note to pick the right designs, as they can have a huge effect on your campaigns.

Personalized T-shirts – handing out personalized and customized shirts will make you more endearing to your audience. And once you are able to achieve that—then you’re on the right track.

Note: although handing out promotional shirts may seem like a common strategy, you’d be surprised at how effective it can be. Again, just remember to make use of the proper designs—and as much as possible, always strive to be unique. This will make you stand out from the crowd and as you already know, that can’t be a bad thing at all.

Other Customized Options – in the end, what’s essential is that you are able to connect with your audience—through your promotional products. Accordingly, that is the reason why you should spend enough time and effort in picking your handouts. And once you’re able to do that, you’ll be able to use this strategy to bring your business to better heights—as well as help you avoid the risks that may negatively affect your business campaigns.

If you’re looking for unique and useful promotional products that you can use to boost your marketing and branding campaigns – then call us at 1-877-552-6068.

We’ll be glad to help you.


Eco-Friendly Promotional Items for a “Greener” Marketing Campaign

Marketing is not just about talking to your audience or handing out freebies and discounts to people. It’s actually more than that.

In order to reap the full benefits of marketing, you will need to be responsible about it. You have to choose the proper options, deliver the right message and effectively communicate with your target market. These are the only ways you can make things work.

That is why handing out eco-friendly promotional items can be quite a good idea…

By giving people freebies that are useful, effective—and environment-friendly, you are able to give out the message that you do not only care for your clients, but for Mother Nature as well.

Accordingly, this will make you and your business even more impressive. In turn, this can result to greater appreciation from your clients and lead to many other advantages that can ultimately help you reach your set business goals.

With that in mind, let’s discuss some of Promos Canada’s latest eco-friendly promotional items, and see how they can help you out:

Cork Mouse Pads – this is a very useful option, considering how computers have become a staple in many households today. For greater efficiency, you can utilize interesting designs, to catch the interest of more people.

Eco Notebooks – this promotional item is made of 100% of recycled materials. They come in different types, and you can just pick that particular notebook design that will best work with your intended recipients.

Brown Kraft Bags – another eco-friendly option that can help boost your promotional campaigns. This product is biodegradable and can be easily imprinted with your company or logo, for maximum brand exposure.

Eco-Carving Set – this promotional item comes with FDA-compliant utensils, including a knife, sharpener and fork. It is made of bamboo and stainless steel (environment-friendly components) and has been packaged with recycled materials—for an even “greener” marketing campaign.

Colouring Book – this handout is meant to educate kids regarding the importance of nature and why we should take care of it. Accordingly, this option will not only be impressive for kids, but their parents as well.

These are just some of the promotional giveaways that you can use for your respective campaigns…

In the end, what’s important is that you are able to show people that you do not only care for what they need—but for the environment as well. Accordingly, this can help you spread the proper message, and help you reap the appropriate benefits at the same time.

Are you looking for promotional items that can help boost your marketing campaigns? Do you want to make your message known to your current and prospective clients?

In that case, don’t hesitate to give us a call at 1 877 552 6068 or click here for additional details. We’ll be more than glad to provide you with the assistance you need.



The Main Differences between Branding and Marketing

Marketing and branding are two business terms that are usually intertwined and mixed together. However, are they really the same? Do they have the same purpose?

Strictly speaking, the answer is: “no.”

Marketing and branding, although seemingly similar, are actually two different concepts—with different purposes and strategies.

Are you a budding entrepreneur? If so, then it would be advisable if you are able to understand what these two important concepts are about. By knowing which is which, you’ll be able to undertake the needed strategies that can help boost your campaigns, as well keep you on the right track.

So, are you ready? If so, let’s delve into the main differences of marketing and branding:


Marketing is about spreading word about your business. It’s about communicating with your audience, in such a way that they will be encouraged to either make purchases from you or to engage your services.

Branding on the other hand, is about establishing your name. With effective branding campaigns, you will become the “go-to” company or person when it comes to particular needs.

Take note: Branding is best undertaken when you already have a good number of followers supporting you. Of course, you can only have such followers if you have engaged in marketing campaigns beforehand. Simply put: try to engage in marketing first, before proceeding to branding.


There’s a thin line between the strategies used for marketing and branding. This is in light of the fact that many marketing strategies can actually be used for branding campaigns—and vice versa.

In order to know which is which, the key again is to go back to the purpose of your campaigns.

Are you handing out promotional products to convince people to buy from your store? If so, then that is marketing.

How about handing out promotional products as rewards to loyal customers? Well, because the purpose is to make your customers more loyal to you and your business, then we can consider this strategy as branding.

Note: whether it may be for marketing or branding, you need to make sure that you are actually able to clearly communicate your message to your audience. This is an important rule. The clearer your message is—the more effective it will be.


Admittedly, both of these strategies will require time and money. However, the extent of their expenses will depend on the type of marketing or branding strategies you choose to utilize.

For example: using promotional products for both marketing and branding won’t really be that expensive, provided that you choose affordable products. TV ads, on the other hand, whether it maybe to establish your brand or to market your wares, will mean having to spend a good amount of money.

Again, the key here is to strategize and choose carefully. By opting for the proper methods and undertaking the needed research, you’ll be able to get the benefits that you want—and reach your set goals accordingly.


If you are looking to have more effective branding and marketing campaigns, then you might want to give Promos Canada a call. The company is a marketing specialist, with various promotional products and items that can help make your endeavours as fruitful as they should be.

For more information, you can give Promos Canada a call at 1-877-552-6068 or click here for details.



3 Marketing “Sins” to Avoid (to Increase Your Profitability)

Marketing—whether you are an established Fortune 500 company or a start up business—will always be an important part of your campaigns. There’s no negotiating that. Without using the proper marketing strategies, you run the risk of losing your “connection” with your target market. And when that happens, there could be bigger problems in your hands.

To make things a bit clearer, let’s discuss some of the things (aka: marketing “sins”) that you should avoid—to help ensure a steady influx of profits:

Sin#1: Neglecting Your Audience or Target Market

Regardless of the strategy you’re using, never forget the recipients of your marketing message. Otherwise, you might be spending an enormous amount of time and money formulating various campaigns—but end up flat because you failed to keep your audience in mind.

If you plan to hand out promotional items or customer perks to your target market, make sure that it actually addresses their needs.

Study your market. What do they prefer? What particular strategies do you believe would work on them? Remember: the purpose of marketing is to encourage people to support you. And the more you are able to understand your market—the more effective things will be for you.

Sin#2: Making Your Campaigns Uninteresting

To catch your market’s interest, you need to put a lot of thought in your campaigns and strategies. Creating ads just for the sake of creating one won’t deliver the results that you want. Instead, it might only cause your market to lose interest in you and what you have to offer—and that’s a very big red flag.

Make your campaigns a bit more “human.” Having a more humanistic approach to your marketing efforts will make it more interesting and enticing. Accordingly, this can make you more endearing to your intended audience, which is certainly a significant advantage.

Sin#3: Being Outdated

Let’s face it. Times have changed. The strategies that may have worked before may not be as effective today. As it is, you need to keep up with the times, in order to attract potential clients—and to maintain your current ones.

Go online and engage in social media marketing campaigns. Offer new types of promotional items that even teens will love. Note: this doesn’t mean you should just forget about traditional marketing. However, by using newer platforms, you get to reach out to all kinds of people—and help spread your message across at a more efficient pace.

Promos Canada is a marketing specialist that offers different types of promotional items and customer giveaways for interested businesses who want to connect with their audience—in a different way.

If you want to know more about us, give us a call at 1-877-552-6068 or you can click here for additional details.