Cool Eco-Friendly Promotional Products

We’ve just added some great new eco-friendly promotional products to our catalog. Some of these are great for higher end targeted promotions, personalized corporate gifts and internal branding for your office and employees. Let’s take a look:

Eco Knife Set: Great for food-related promotions and bulk gifting. The set includes a Santoku knife, chef knife, bread knife and utility knife. The set’s utensils are US FDA safety regulation-compliant, made of stainless steel and bamboo, and use minimal packaging for environmental conservation: a 100% recycled corrugated cylinder with recycled paper stuffing.

Eco Utensil Set: This is a fantastic companion to the eco-knife set because it uses the same packaging form factor, and best targets the same niche. Like the knife set, these utensils meet US FDA safety standards. They’re made of sturdy bamboo, include a serving spoon, strainer spoon and spatula, and come in the same environmentally friendly packaging, ready to be customized with your own branding.

Noodle N Series Golf Balls: Choose the N-Series to combine an eco-friendly image with executive-level targeting. The N-Series is a high quality set designed for high velocity and low spin, and as an environmentally friendly promotional product it comes in elegant, minimal recycled packaging.

Now this article wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t mention one more eco-friendly promotional item that’s been with us right from the very beginning: the imprinted tire pressure gauge. If you want to give away a gift that really makes a positive impact on the environment this is a fantastic choice. Maintaining proper tire pressure is essential to fuel efficiency. Help people keep their tires healthy and you save them money and reduce the demand for fossil fuels, all while getting your brand out.

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