Custom Office Mugs for Promotional Use

There are many promotional products that companies use to advertise their products or services. Some companies think that they can slap their logo on just about anything and it will generate business. However, the cost of this type of marketing adds up and many of the products get thrown away or placed in a drawer where they are never seen. The best way to get your name in the hands of a client is to create custom coffee mugs that current or potential customers will use every morning.

There are many different kinds of mugs available for corporate marketing purposes, but perhaps the best bet is the 13 ounce Talbot mug. Some companies think that buying smaller mugs that are less expensive is the most cost-effective option. However, people do not use 8 ounce mugs because they are too small. The point is to choose a product that customers will actually see on a regular basis, so keep this in mind when choosing custom coffee mugs for promotional marketing.

A company’s logo and color scheme is important to its corporate identity. The two-tone mug is a way to show off the company colors because the handle is hand-painted to reflect the logo. This is one of the promo products that clients will use over and over because of its classic shape and versatility. Any business will benefit from the practicality these custom coffee mugs have to offer.

The biggest mug is the 10 ounce Cosmo. Its unique shape definitely makes a statement that will help any company stand out from the crowd. For the most serious coffee drinkers, this mug will become a staple in their day. They are available with a base color of black, white, or navy and the price includes a color logo imprint in one location on the mug. When advertising a business, make sure to choose promo products that are unique and stand out from everything else the customers receive as giveaways.

Advertising giveaways can seem cheap and impersonal, that is unless they are done right. Custom coffee mugs are one of the most useful advertising ideas because coffee is such an important part of many people’s daily lives. These promotional products are an effective way to keep your logo out of a junk drawer and within a client’s line of vision day after day.

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