Five Unusual Business Promotional Items – Ones We Happen to Have!

The reliable triad of promotional products – imprinted pens, tote bags and mugs – has expanded to include imprinted USB memory sticks and other promotional products that benefit from advancing technologies. Nevertheless, there’s always been more to promotional items than traditional examples. At Promos Canada we pride ourselves on having one of the best selections. That means we have a number of unconventional promotional items. This time around let’s look at five and talk about who they’d benefit.

Computer Mini-Vacuum: This fun little promotional item keeps your computer’s keyboard and tower case clean. It’s the kind of thing you don’t know you want until you see it. Ideal for: IT/computer industry. It also makes a great icebreaker, since you’ll probably have to explain it before you give it away.

Counterfeit Detector Pen: Counterfeit currency is an increasing worry in the retail sector, where even $20 bills are now routinely checked for authenticity. This pen leaves a distinctive colour on a bill that shows whether or not it’s authentic. Versions are available for Canadian and US currency. Ideal for: Retail business to business products or services.

Spray Pen Hand Sanitizer: Thanks to H1N1 and other widely publicized disease outbreaks this is a business promotional item whose time has come: hand sanitizer in a convenient, portable form when you don’t have an opportunity to get to a dispensing station. Ideal for: Health, food service and public relations – ask anyone who shakes a lot of hands and they’ll tell you that they get a lot of colds!

Wackee Paddle: This one is just fun. It’s a paddle, a ball and s string: one of your classic novelty items. It looks too simple, but people always end up giving it a whirl. Ideal for: Child products, toys, sports and recreation.

Yo-Yo: Everyone should have at least one yo-yo in working order. Like all novelties it tends to generate massive short term attention, so it’s great for a promotional blitz. Ideal for: Child products, toys, humour.

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