Five Ways to Give Away Your Imprinted Pens

So you’ve decided to order a few hundred imprinted pens. Good choice – they’re one of the most cost-effective promotions around, especially since people tend to always want more pens for the home or office. What’s your next step? Give them away! Now is the time to develop a strategy that gets your pens out in a way that maximizes their promotional value. Here are five suggestions:

Bill or Invoice: When it’s time for the customer to sign, give them the pen and let them keep it. This works well for both one-shot products and ongoing services. For the former, it primes your customer to recognize and use your business again. For the latter, it’s a good way to remind the client that you’re working for them, which maintains satisfaction and improves word of mouth advertising.

Folder Kit: Folders with pens and paper are common giveaways at conferences, meetings and other note-heavy occasions. Collaborate with other businesses – you handle the pens and the others take care of the folder, paper and other supplies.

Loyalty Gift: Use your promotional pen as a loyalty gift for repeat customers. Depending on the business this could be the very first repeat order or a higher benchmark. A high end pen is a good choice for these occasions because it makes them more memorable. The goal here isn’t to draw new customers, but ensure ongoing loyalty from current ones.

On Delivery: Instead of waiting for repeat business it might be viable for you to provide a pen as soon as you deliver a product or service. If larger purchases are involved, a pen stays under budget as part of the cost of doing business. In some cases you may wish to give away an entire kit of business promotional items to express your appreciation for new clients.

Trade Show Giveaway: Last but not least, don’t forget the direct approach. People love free gifts at trade shows, so don’t be afraid to being your pens and pass them out.

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