Four Reasons to Use Eco Friendly Promotions Products

Why choose eco friendly promotional products? Some of the reasons are obvious; others, less so. Making an environmentally friendly choice can certainly help you focus when it’s time to choose from a huge array of business promotional items. Let’s look at four reasons why going eco friendly is one of the best choices you can make.

People Need Them: Throughout Canada and the US stricter environmental regulations and concerns about waste have led to new laws and ordinances that make eco friendly products a necessity. The private sector has fallen suit by either providing eco friendly options or just getting rid of (or charging extra for) more wasteful options. For example, grocery stores now routinely charge for plastic bags, and municipal regulations increasingly restrict or ban bottled water sales. That means people need reusable water bottles and tote bags. Your promotions can fill the gap by providing these items – and your imprinted tote bags and water bottles spread your brand wherever they take them.

They Bolster Your Company’s Image: Between media like An Inconvenient Truth and signs that global climate change is not only real but actually upon us, environmental awareness has entered into the mainstream. By default, many consumers are suspicious of business because many industries have displayed a cavalier attitude about the environment. If your promotions demonstrate that you’re different you immediately set yourself apart from that stereotype. Customers will not only appreciate that in the short term, but when potential customers have to decide between you and a competitor, you have something more than pricing on your side: a brand with integrity.

There Are Eco Friendly Options for the Most Common Promotional Items: There used to be just a small number of recycled and biodegradable items available, but nowadays there’s an eco-friendly counterpart for most classic promotional items. There’s biodegradable plastic now and recycled materials are common. This has not only increased the range of available products but made existing products less expensive.

It’s the Right Thing to Do: Making an eco friendly choice makes sense not just in terms of your return on investment, but because it’s the responsible thing to do – and that’s not just good for your image, but your peace of mind.

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