Fun and Games with Business Promotional Items

Promos Canada wants your promotional efforts to be as effective as possible. We also want you to remember one thing: Have fun! Promotions are hard work, to be sure, but if you don’t project a positive attitude through them they won’t be as effective as they should be. In essence, while you should pick business promotional items with care and manage campaigns with skill and focus, the actual content for your campaign should usually be something that encourages a relaxed, enjoyable attitude. There are only a few industries where making your promotions light hearted isn’t a good idea.

We have a category of fun and games business promotional items to encourage this kind of levity in your trade show giveaways and other business promotions. This section includes poker chips, rings to throw, cards, beach balls and camping gear. We have three categories spanning a number of products. Browse at the link and you’ll see what we mean.

Some companies will find business promotional items in this category that directly relate to their businesses. For example, poker chips may work well for a travel agency that offers gaming vacations to destinations like Las Vegas. Waterproof floating containers are a natural match for outdoor outfitters. These business promotional products act as a “first taste” of theses business’ product and service categories.

For many companies, the value of these business promotional items will really express themselves in concern with special events that these products will help facilitate. Companies purchase beach balls in anticipation of a beach fun event, or buy imprinted poker sets to contribute to a charity poker tournament. In these cases, integrating the event, imprinted promotional item and the expected public exposure is critical. Make sure media contacts get a full kit of your promotional items. In the aforementioned poker tournament, make sure your branded poker chips and cards appear in every camera shot!

Of course, you don’t always need a special event or an industry link to go with leisure based promotional products. Just make sure there’s some kind of logic to your choice, even if that “logic” is a deliberate expression of whimsy and fun. Sure, your business may not have anything to do with yo-yos, but in the right context, they make your company look fun, friendly and approachable: traits that make people want to do business with you.

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