Gear Promotional Products to Your Social Networks

Online marketing has exploded into popularity, with new venues, tricks and tips showing up almost daily. Nevertheless, business promotional items still have a vital role to play in the era of Twitter, Facebook and more. In fact, if you understand how social media marketing works, you can multiply the effects of your business promotions.

First, you need to understand that there’s a power law behind online communities. 1% of a community are leaders – they make long term commitments to email lists and Web communities. 9 % of an online community consists of contributors, who regularly add content and provide feedback. The other 90% are lurkers. They don’t way anything except to occasionally agree with the 10% of more active participants.

What does that mean for your business promotions? First off, realize that your online audience is larger than you think it is – for every person providing feedback there are at least ten more silently reacting to anything you do. Second, take a look at the communities you’re a part of of have heard of that contains potential clients or customers. Who are the most frequent contributors? Who does everyone else look up to?

The answers should tell you that your business promotional products should target community leaders who might be interested in your company. While everybody likes a free pen, you want to target someone who will express their appreciation to peers – and who has the right personality to attract readers in your target demographic.

Once you think of that vital 10% of community leaders, you’ll come up with new ways to use business promotional items in concert with your other media strategies. You can even opt for more expensive business promotional items to draw comment, or even choose something funny or unusual to generate publicity. The key is not only to pick the right item, but to pick someone likely to talk about it, introducing your company to more customers than you can see by just looking at Web conversations.

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