Get an Early Start on Your Corporate Gifts

It’s getting chillier, and that should remind you that the time has come to plan your company’s gift giving initiatives for the holidays. This is a fantastic opportunity to spread your brand along with some genuine good will: an investment that is more likely to pay itself off if your brand stays visible on an imprinted promotional item.

We have a selection of products you can give away for general branding or as personalized corporate gifts. There’s a choice for virtually any budget, ranging from under $10 to $100. Let’s take a look at some of them:

Our Wind-Up Weather Radio & Flashlight Set is a great choice for staff and clientele who spend a lot of time on the road. For under $25 per set you’ll be able to give a great practical gift that will accompany the recipient wherever he goes. This is a good choice of the recipient is the main target of the brand message, since these items are usually not displayed in public. Use it as part of a narrowly targeted campaign.

We offer Brushed Stainless Steel Desk Mugs in sets of four, for under $23. This gift is ideal for both internal and external use. In your office, the set provides mugs for your staff with a consistent branding that improves morale and impresses visitors. For prospects and client relationships, the mug set helps make your brand an everyday presence around their offices.

For executive gifts, pick our wine accessory set. Laser engraving adds your brand to a high end present you can send to your most important clients. At the enterprise level, this gift set is also ideal to send to branch managers.

Naturally, you can look outside this category for other great gifts, from high end imprinted pens to apparel. We have years of experience helping people find the right item, so contact us to explore this further.

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