Imprinted Promotional Products for Summer Travel

March may bring spring fever during summer, it is too nice outdoors to remain cooped up in the office. At least, that is what you hope prospects and customers think when you give them imprinted promotional products designed for summer travel. These items will go everywhere the travelers do, advertising your business to everyone who sees them.

Promos Designed to Carry Summer Essentials

Most people must take at least one bag on a trip, even if they are going to the park. Promotional tote bags are perfect for holding a blanket, book, and bag of snacks. Parents rely on these to cart around toys and supplies for the kids when traveling to the playground. Without bags like these, items would be spilling all over the place.

Customized coolers and lunch bags are business promotional items for dining away from home. Travelers take these on a picnic, to the beach, and on road trips throughout the summer. Coolers keep beverages chilled and insulated lunch bags are large enough to hold an entire meal. Some coolers feature wheels, making it convenient to pack the entire family’s lunch into one container.

Are There Promo Items for Summer Safety?

You bet there are! These custom promotional products can be stashed in the auto glove compartment or carried in a handbag. A company name or logo can be printed on everything from small tubes of flavored lip balm to first aid kits. Travelers will not need to stop at a pharmacy to treat cuts or scrapes, allowing them to enjoy their trip.

Summer safety includes sun protection, making imprinted promotional products like sunburn kits quite handy. These feature protective lip balm and sunblock in a small container with a lanyard. Beach vacationers can wear one while walking from the car to the sand, making this one less thing to pack or hold.

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