Picking Personalized Corporate Gifts

Imprinted products aren’t just for promotions. Your branding begins with you, and if you don’t surround yourself with your own brand you aren’t projecting confidence in it – and if you’re not confident in it, why should your clients be? Imprinted pens and bags are just the beginning. Don’t be afraid to take your brand to the executive level, either – incorporate it into personalized corporate gifts.

We have a great special that’s especially suited to executive gift giving. They’re high quality golf balls, suited to carrying your brand, the name of an important contact or both. This is a great way to celebrate an important deal or express your appreciation to a key staff member.

The golf balls are an example of how imprinted promotional products come in all price ranges – there’re more to them than mugs, tote bags and inexpensive plastic pens. Even within different types of items there are varieties to suit almost any role. For example, in our line of imprinted pens we have pen and pencil gift sets that make excellent personalized corporate gifts, or even just executive level office supplies.

When picking a gift, keep the following things in mind:

Personal Tastes: This is pretty simple. What does the recipient like? Golf is a popular executive pastime but not everyone does it; get to know his or her hobbies and preferences. A pen set is a good default gift. Take a look and see if your recipient is using an expensive pen or whatever happens to be on hand.

Relationship: Make sure the gift is appropriate to your tie to the other person. Get a basic employee a different gift then the one you’d get for an executive. Don’t make a big deal of the difference, but maintain it – it will keep people appropriately motivated at all levels.

Role: What are the recipient’s professional concerns? Imprinted USB memory sticks work for people in the IT field, while clothing suits people who have to travel and share your brand with the outside world.

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