The Five Top Promotional Products That Guys Will Like

Promotional products and items, as a rule, are very effective for encouraging potential customers to support your brand and what you have to offer. Why? Well, this is because of the fact that everyone loves to get freebies – and yes – your customers do too!

Take note: before proceeding, try to figure out who your target market is. This is important – as it will help you find the right products to hand out. Accordingly, it will likewise help you connect to your target audience in a much more effective fashion.

Know the Promotional Items That Men Want

If your market is geared towards men, it would be best if you are able to give out promotional items that have that masculine “vibe”, so as to ensure that they will actually like what they’re getting.

Another thing to take into account when handing out promotional products is usability. Being so, you must make sure that those hand-outs and freebies you’re giving out can actually be used regularly. This will make things more interesting – and it will make your marketing efforts more effective as well.

What Items to Hand Out?

To make things easier on your part – let’s discuss the top five promotional products that men like:

  1. Golf Bag Hard Drive – this data storage device brings a new twist, most especially for all the golf lovers out there. This is a flash drive designed as a golf bag, making it the excellent choice for those who want to make a statement – and have a bit of fun and style as well.

  1. Men’s Insulated Soft Shell – this is a fashionable coat that men can use whenever things get a bit chilly outside. Accordingly, this is one of those promotional items that you can print your company logo on – and get people to know who you are (and what you have in store).

  1. Professional Tool Bag – men love their tools! As it is, you can opt to give tool bags and kits wherein they can place their screw drivers, wrenches and other handy tools. This is an option that gets a good score in the “usability” category.

  1. Cork Mouse Pad – eco-lovers will most probably love this item. It is a biodegradable, recyclable and eco-friendly mouse pad – which is both stylish and effective.  For utmost efficiency, pick the right designs that will catch every user’s fancy.

  1. Tactical LED Flashlight – this is handy and very usable option. These come in different colours and styles – which means a greater chance of catching your market’s interest as well.

PromosCanada is a leading marketing specialist that offers a wide array of promotional products, items and gifts for businesses who are looking to give their marketing efforts a boost. If you have any inquiries about the company and what they have to offer, don’t hesitate to visit us for details.


Warm Weather Business Promotional Items Turn Your Slow Season Into a Winner

Here comes summer…is your business prepared? Many companies kick marketing up a notch during summer to prevent a major drop in sales. By keeping their name in front of prospects and customers, businesses keep themselves from experiencing a slow season. Summer-oriented business promotional items make it easier to keep sales rolling.

Promotions for Summertime Fun

Spending time outdoors is what summer is all about but it requires some gear. Personalized sunglasses protect the eyes from the sun and these custom promotional products come in a rainbow of colors. Include these with coupons for cool summer deals like a free sample of a new product or a percentage discount for a single item.

Keeping the face and head protected from the sun prevents burning. Imprinted promotional products like baseball caps and bandanas are perfect headgear. They are colorful, stylish, and best of all, walking advertisements for your company. Take these to trade shows and watch attendees flock to the booth. Both men and women love wearing baseball caps. Bikers and runners are fond of bandanas that  protect without being hot.

Promos That Keep Prospects Cool During Summer

It is always important to remain hydrated but never more so than during the summer. Travel mugs and water bottles hold plenty of cool, clear water. As temperatures rise, people find themselves reaching for these beverage containers more often and taking them wherever they go, much to your delight, so advertise proudly.

Business promotional items like can coolers are designed for beverages of another sort. They hold cans of soda, iced tea, and beer, all the while promoting your business. Made of foam, these small beverage coolers fold compactly so they can be packed into a picnic basket or even a pocket. Items like these may be small and portable but they pack a powerful promotional punch during summertime.

Custom Imprinted Promotional Products Are Effective

Custom promotional products or imprinted promotional products whichever term is preferred, you know that these items are effective. Many companies provide high-quality promotional items and consumers love to receive them for free. They always use them and tell their friends about how the company values its customers.

More companies are offering items that correspond with the latest trends which consumers love. Many are into the fitness craze these days, products like customized pedometers help track miles. Combining the pedometer with an FM radio will be a perfect product as they walk around.

Golf shoe and glove bags are perfect for the organized golfer. Golf-themed gift packs offer up nicely as contest prizes.

Recycled shopping bags are great gift offers and provide the company with good advertisement whenever the customer is shopping at the market.

An auto adapter for USB-powered devices is very helpful during a long car ride. Road warriors love these products. While cell phones can do many things these days, busy individuals don’t have time to search for the calculator feature. Thus, offering them with a combo calculator and sticky note case so they can do computations and make quick notes is a great tool.

The smallest of consumers will not be left behind when it comes to promotional products either. Even a toddler can sip on a baby bottle imprinted with a company logo. There are also bibs, rompers, and pacifiers for babies. “Big kids” love imprinted two-handled sippy cups and any school-aged child will take a kid’s cup to soccer or gymnastics practice.

Water bottles are reasonable and reusable promotional products. BPA-free imprinted bottles are beneficial to customers for them to stay hydrated while on a hike or at the beach. There are bottles designed to fit in bike holders and others feature carabiner clips for attaching to a backpack.

Personalized Corporate Gifts Make Great Trade Show Giveaways

Personalized corporate gifts make excellent trade show giveaways. Promotional product companies are working overtime expanding selections and lowering prices to help struggling businesses weather the challenging economy. Corporate gifts can still look expensive even if they are purchased at volume discounted prices. There are so many hot new products that cost under $35.00, you won’t know which to choose!

Some managers and executives find their business day stressful, and might enjoy a glass of wine after work. In this scenario they would appreciate having a corporate gift like a deluxe corkscrew gift pack, that features a mechanized wine opener, wine stopper, and foil cutter packaged in a tin silver case for as low as $28.35 each.  This will surely impress any exhibit booth visitor.

For golfers, consider the Pinnacle Ribbon golf balls starting at $32.62 per 15-pack. A pink ribbon side stamp reflects Susan G. Komen for the Cure – in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October. Customers recognize businesses with a strong social conscience, and may tend to shop in their direction.

Companies with smaller budgets can also find appealing new items such as a non-woven laundry bag at the cost of just $2.15 each. These will make pleasant giveaways for trade shows because they can be neatly folded and left in a briefcase, backpack or purse for later use. They are very useful bags, as they can also holds shoes, school supplies, or empty water bottles for recycling. Anyone can promote the company when they carry these  imprinted bags with them.

Hand sanitizer gel imprinted with the company logo costs only $2.50 each and you get a choice of unscented or citrus and a carabiner clip in your desired color. These are easy to ship to trade shows in large quantities and germ-conscious attendees will love the thought.

Another interesting item is a mini flashlight which is also very helpful at night. Select from silver, black, or yellow to coordinate with the company logo imprinted on the side.

Lunch coolers are also a great idea. This item features a waterproof liner and mesh pocket for a water bottle. It can hold ice or ice packs and has a zippered main compartment. Available in Royal Blue, Apple Green, Charcoal, and more colors at a price as low as $6.70, this is a giveaway that anyone will proudly use.

Get on the Green with Business Promotional Products for Golf

Nothing works quite like golf when it comes to linking business and recreation. The sport’s format may encourage it, since any golf game includes plenty of walking and time to talk. It could be the prestige associated with the game or even the fact that it’s not one of your less expensive sports – good equipment and club memberships are less expensive than they used to be but the best are still “executive level” hobbies.

Whatever the reason, golf games are time honored ways to make business contacts. Beyond that, the game presents some great promotional opportunities through tournaments and exhibitions. That’s why we have lots of golf-related business promotional items. They’re always useful and always in demand.

Head over to our promotional products catalogue and head to the “Golf” category to see some of the golf products we have to offer (or just click here where we’ve done it for you). Our selection includes golf balls, tees, pens and pencils, shirts, caddy umbrellas and shoe bags. Ordering these with your brand can help you promote your business on a number of levels:

Charity Participation: Golf tournaments featuring community businesses are common charity fundraisers. Send a team with your brand to promote your company while earning money for a good cause.

Personal Branding: If you’re an avid golfer, carrying your personal brand with you identifies who you represent and serves as a subtle signal to partners that you have a combined work/leisure agenda.

Team Building with Golf: Using golf as a team building exercises to either bring your core staff together or ease the development of a new professional relationship outside of the company. Bringing your brand into gold accessories associates your brand with string morale and provides gifts to be disseminated outside of the organization.

Executive Gifts: Golf-related imprinted promotional products make great gifts that target the executive tier of an organization. These bring your brand along whenever your clientele’s most influential staff head to the green.

Your business field and clientele ultimately determine the best way to use golf to promote your company, but almost any business can find a way to take advantage of the connections and goodwill the game creates. Take a look at your community to get started. There’s probably a tournament waiting for your involvement!