Put Some Spring in Marketing Presentations With Custom USB Drives

Has your business caught spring fever yet? If not, it is high time it did! Spring is fast-approaching, so create a corporate marketing campaign to welcome the season in style. Give marketing presentations some refreshing and offer custom USB drives as prospect takeaways. This fresh approach should win new business this spring that leads to long-term relationships.

Custom USB Drives Are Value-Adds

A typical marketing presentation includes a Web-based or PowerPoint slide show, packet of marketing materials, and custom imprinted promotional products such as pens, calculators, or memo pads. To make the business stand out from its competition, a marketer should consider adding a customized USB drive containing the marketing presentation in digital form. Imprinted with the company logo, this product reduces paper waste and can be reused to store business files.

Also called a flash drive, a USB drive is an inexpensive promotional product that has lasting value. Prospects can review the preloaded marketing presentation as many times as necessary. Once they have decided to make a purchase, they can use the drive to store their own work files. Average memory size ranges from 256MB to 8GB or more, providing a drive for every marketing budget.

USB Drives Are Eco Friendly Promotional Products

A USB drive can be reused indefinitely, making it an environmentally-friendly alternative to a limited-use promotional item like a pen, calendar, or notepad. Recipients will appreciate receiving the marketing presentation in electronic form rather than as a huge stack of paper products that eventually join the waste stream. This eco friendly focus will not go unnoticed…or unrewarded.

Custom USB drives come in many shapes and styles including bracelets, pens, and lanyards. Marketers should have no trouble finding a style and color that highlights the corporate logo. Revising the corporate marketing presentation for the upcoming season and loading it onto these drives will cause any company to catch the fever!

Leave Promotional Pens Behind After Client Visits

What is the best way to ensure that a prospect or client does not forget you? Leave something behind after paying an in-person visit! Promotional pens are the ideal leave-behind items because recipients will use them every day. Each time they pick up these writing instruments, recipients will think about whether it is time to give your business a call.

The Power of the Pen

Some promotional items are attractive but relatively useless. The pen is not one of these because it serves multiple purposes within a professional environment. It can be used to take notes in meetings, mark up corporate presentations, or sketch ideas for new product designs. Even the computer revolution has not managed to make pens obsolete. Many people would rather jot a note on a piece of paper with a pen than add it to their computer or smartphone calendar.

School-age children, retirees, and most people in between have use for a pen. People carry these writing utensils in a handbag, backpack, briefcase, and even their pockets. Each time they use these imprinted promotional products, others take notice of the featured company name and logo, increasing corporate visibility.

Pens: The Inexpensive Promotions

Very few promotional items for business advertising cost less than one dollar per piece. Pens do and they come in a variety of styles and colors. Companies can find pens in primary and pastel colors, styles featuring finger grips, and versions that are refillable so they can advertise the business indefinitely. There are even pens that serve double duty as highlighters.

Almost any business can afford to add promotional pens to its marketing arsenal. These writing instruments will always be well-received so leave them behind after visiting a client or prospect. In the days that follow, you may receive a call or email from that individual, expanding the relationship into something very lucrative.

Promotional Items For Back-To-School

As grade school and college students settle into the routine of a new school year, many find themselves lacking the tools they need to succeed. They may have stocked up on pencils and pens but forgotten a calculator or ruler. Those who spend countless hours doing their homework on a computer quickly realize that a mouse pad would make things more comfortable. These are just some of the promotional items a business can offer to prospects and customers who are in school.

Reasons to Promote Using School Products

Many companies overlook the school-age population when considering which promotional products to offer. These days, more adults are going back to school to increase their marketability or learn a new career. Therefore, there are plenty of different products to offer to prospects and customers who are also students.

A business benefits from this effort when it customizes the item with the company name and logo. The product becomes promotional in nature, advertising the company to all who see it. This branding can have a huge impact on sales because it turns the company into a household name that consumers come to rely upon and trust.

School Tools With a Promotional Angle

Everything from promotional pens to custom USB drives are useful to students. A tech-savvy student will love a tiny logoed mouse, mouse pad, and a calculator that fits into a pocket. Those who are more traditional prefer padfolios, memo pads, and sticky notes. All students will use rulers, erasers, pens, and highlighters.

Companies can even begin preparing for customer graduations by ordering promotional items like executive pens and pen and pencil gift sets. Students will use these proudly when they head into the world to begin their new lives. They will always remember the company that acknowledged their educational achievement, making them more likely to remain loyal.

Take Imprinted Pens and Other Notable Promotional Items to Summer Trade Shows

Trade shows are great venues for drumming up new business. Where else will you find a captive audience of hundreds to thousands of people? Attendees are already interested in the products or services offered by your company, so a hard sell is usually not required. To keep your business on the minds of trade show attendees, supply them with imprinted pens and other notable promotional items.

Imprinted Pens Are No Longer Cheap Chotchkies

Gone are the days when the only types of imprinted pens were white plastic versions with a boring black logo. Modern versions of these custom promotional products are much more attractive and of higher quality. Even the plastic pens available today are vast improvements. They come in bright colors and feature comfortable grips that make them the writing utensils of choice.

Wooden and metal pens are attractive and long-lasting. Trade show attendees will feel special when you present them with a rosewood pen with gold plated trim and an engraved or imprinted logo. Push-action aluminum ballpoint pens in assorted colors with blue or black ink will also be very popular, partially due to the laser engraving method used for customization.

Complementing Imprinted Pens with Other Writing Utensils

Exhibitors trying to make the best impression offer more than a single pen. Business promotional items like markers and highlighters are perfect complements. People use markers for everything from labeling cartons to creating signs. Highlighters are useful for underlying important passages in newspapers, magazines, and business publications.

Some people prefer to make their writings less permanent, making pencils with erasers their preferred writing instruments. Others have enough promo items and will appreciate an imprinted container of crayons for their children. Distributing imprinted pens and other notable promotional items at summer trade shows is a low-cost but very effective marketing technique.

Imprinted Pens Are The Perfect Trade Show Giveaways

Trade shows are something that just about every facet of business can benefit from at one point or another. They offer exposure to clients that may not have otherwise even thought of the business in a given aspect. This is why it is important to make sure your company stays in their thoughts long after the show is over. This is also why imprinted pens make the perfect trade show giveaways.

Promotional items are a part of any successful tradeshow. The key is to make sure your giveaway stands out in the crowd or is something useful that will cause them to hold onto it, keeping that logo and company name fresh in their minds. Since everyone needs and uses different types of pens, offering them at a show usually means the business can leave a lasting impression.

An important factor to remember when using this type of trade show giveaway is that while you will want to control your costs, you also want something that will not fail the client when they go to use it. It will pay off in the end to not only use a product that costs a bit more, but one that actually writes when the client needs it to. Something else to remember is to choose a different look, one that will not blend in with everyone else that is offering pens or markers.

When choosing this type of trade show giveaway, it is often best to think big picture and look at the year’s events that are coming up. Most of the time, buying in bulk will generate a significant discount. If more than one show is scheduled throughout the year, get an estimate together for how many pens will be used and buy them all at one time.

If a company is giving away swag at a trade show, it should be something that the client will be able to use down the road. Balloons and such are great to be noticed, but the moment the client leaves the show, they literally go up in the air. Offering things such as pens and highlighters will be more effective in the long run in keeping your company name at the forefront of their thoughts.

How to Order Custom Imprinted Pens Online

Pretty much every person has seen different writing instruments that have company logos, names, phone numbers and web addresses imprinted on them at one location or another. These imprinted pens are great for promotional marketing by constantly and consistently keeping the business name in front of customers. Whether a small or large company, ordering custom writing devices will make any business look professional.

First and foremost, a budget and type of writing instrument needs to be decided upon, as these two factors will really help narrow down the choices. Once a budget has been determined, stick to it, and search the many available companies online that sell these imprinted pens. Many times when ordering online it will be easy to find advertising giveaways or promotional deals and specials to save even more money, with the most common deal being the buy one get one free type.

Once all the necessary research and homework has been completed, make the selection and place the order for your new promotional products. Be sure to also compare the different shipping and turnaround times, as they will vary widely from company to company. A little research can go a long way when taking the quality, price, and durability of the imprinted pens into account.

One example found online is the Cobblestone Pen Gift Set which comes with laser engraving for superior durability and appearance. This set will include the matching roller ball and ballpoint variety, which are beautifully preserved in a beautiful velvet-lined case. With large discounts for big orders, this is a sure fire way to make customers or potential customers aware of your business through promotional marketing.

Imprinted pens are great corporate marketing tools that a company can use to increase the profile of the brand.  Quite possibly one of the most cost-effective promotional products available today, one pen will often make multiple impressions. Since people often pick these items up and accidentally take them to home or work, a wide variety of people will see the brand name, and this will hopefully trigger them to shop at or use the services of the business.

Three Business Promotional Products for Internal Branding

Beyond distribution to potential customers through trade show giveaways and other means, business promotional products can serve a vital role in tailoring your company’s image when customers make contact. Whether clients walk into a brick and mortar store or meet you in a boardroom for a business to business transaction, internal branding, where you apply your logo and brand identity to your workplace and employees, helps create a consistent, positive impression.

Successful internal branding makes your company stand out and creates a lasting impression that encourages repeat business. It also generates an atmosphere of professionalism and success that makes clients more likely to recommend your firm to friends and colleagues. Let’s take a look at three business promotional products that work well as part of an internal branding strategy:

Imprinted Apparel

Imprinted apparel is practically mandatory for nearly any business where staff deal with the general public. Whether you deliver or perform services on location or greet people in a brick and mortar place of business, your staff should have a consistent look that makes your business’ name, field and general branding visible. Imprinted apparel can range from vibrant to subtle expressions of your brand. For example, a button down shirt might have a very small bit of stitched text, or you might acquire vests and shirts with a large logo in company colours.

Imprinted Pens

There seems to be no end to what imprinted pens can do. These promotional product standards can serve an important role inside your business as well. For staff, imprinted pens serve as a constant reminder of where they are and the company’s image, which can have a subtle but strong effect on morale. Your imprinted pens should also be on hand any time anyone at your place of business needs something to write with. You should encourage associates and clients to take pens with them, so that they can act as general business promotional items as well.

USB Memory

Promotional USB memory sticks should be the primary way you carry data by hand on company business. Thanks to huge drops in the price of flash memory, it’s cost effective to combine external promotions and internal branding in one order. This gives your staff the ability to keep work and personal data separate, and acts as an alternative way to transfer information to clients and partners in face to face meetings.

Beyond these items, mugs, glasses, calendars and more can brand your business inside and out Explore our catalogue to see the possibilities for yourself!

Five Great Promotional Product Specials for 2010

We’ve got some great new business promotional product specials to help you with early 2010 trade show giveaways and other promotions. We work hard to provide a diverse, up to date set of promotional items for Canadian companies, with a special emphasis on eco-friendly promotional items. Some of our new items hit some of the biggest trends on promotions and in general consumer products. Check them out:

Promotional Snuggy Blanket: This is one of the biggest new consumer items. Lying somewhere between a blanket and apparel, Snuggies are an incredibly well-known, popular product. Now, Promos Canada offers embroidered Snuggies for your promotional needs. Add your company’s branding to Snuggies to send as gifts to partner companies and employees, or send them out as novel promotional items for as low as $19.03 per unit!

Imprinted Non-Woven Shopping Bag: The “Convenient” non-woven shopping bag is one of our latest eco-friendly promotional items. As we’ve said in the past, Canada is transitioning from shopping with disposable plastic bags to using reusable bags. It’s more cost-effective and better for the environment. Taking advantage of this transition gets your company’s name out where everyone can see it, and reinforces your brand’s prominence any time someone takes the imprinted bag out to go shopping.

We actually have a number of additional imprinted tote bags and shopping bags on sale. Just browse our specials page to see the full selection. The sturdy “Convenient” bag can cost as little as $2.19 per unit.

Dou-Pen Imprinted Pen: Imprinted pens are a backbone business promotional item. They have a low per-unit cost, are easy to give away, and tend to stick with recipients for a long time – almost everyone has at least one imprinted pen on their desks.

The Duo-Pen is particularly useful in offices, making it a great give for business to business promotions. In addition to a high quality ball point pen, the Duo-Pen includes an additional highlight nub, ideal for marking important elements of office printouts. The Duo-Pen costs as little as 53 cents per unit.

Waterless Tattoos: Waterless tattoos use non-toxic dyes to imprint a temporary tattoo. This promotion is ideal for trade shows, sporting events, company picnics and other fun, casual gatherings. Putting your brand on someone’s arm or face is a memorable promotion that will definitely draw attention. These are available for as low as 19 cents a tattoo.

Five Business Promotional Item Trends for 2010

With 2010 looming, what’s in store for businesses who want to stock up for trade show giveaways and other initiatives that use business promotional items? Keeping 2009’s track record in mind, the following trends are likely:

Imprinted Tote Bags Are In: Thanks to changes in supermarket and other store policy, as well as a shift in public attitudes, people don’t want disposable plastic when they can take advantage of a reusable alternative. That means imprinted tote bags, already a promotional tradition, will be more important than ever in 2010.

Eco-Friendly Promotional Items Will Be Essential: The environment has garnered incredible publicity thanks to the Copenhagen Conference on Climate Change, polar bears and other news items. Consumers and partner businesses alike will want assurances that companies are environmentally conscious. That means reusable, biodegradable and recycled business promotional items will be essential parts of any company’s promotional product plan.

Budget Conscious Promotional Products: Businesses are more cautious about every dollar they spend. This is especially true in regions like Ontario, which were particularly hard hit by last year’s recession. We foresee a rise in popularity for low cost business promotional items as companies feel their way into 2010’s economic reality and wait for more positive indicators before they spend more money. Examples include imprinted pens, magnets, sticky notes and calendars. All of these have an excellent per unit price, making them smart choices for companies wanting to test the economic waters while they promote themselves.

More Promotional Products Will Go to Internal Branding: Thanks to social media services, people now expect to see inside your business from the Web. They want pictures of staff, offices and company operations. That means it’s more essential to use promotional items for internal branding. You want people to see your staff in branded apparel, using imprinted pens with your distinctive logo and information, and even drinking from company mugs. This is also useful for staff morale, as it promotes a sense of teamwork.

Traditional Imprinted Promotional Items Will Still Be Popular: Traditional imprinted promotional items will still form the backbone of promotional product campaigns. Imprinted pens, mugs, tote bags, apparel and glassware have proven track records when it comes to getting your name and brand “out in the wild.” On the other hand, the definition of “tradition” is evolving. Mouse pads and promotional USB memory sticks are now mainstays in business promotions. Add them to your arsenal and consider the other points in this article and you’ll be ready to share your brand with the world in 2010.

Get an Early Start on Your Corporate Gifts

It’s getting chillier, and that should remind you that the time has come to plan your company’s gift giving initiatives for the holidays. This is a fantastic opportunity to spread your brand along with some genuine good will: an investment that is more likely to pay itself off if your brand stays visible on an imprinted promotional item.

We have a selection of products you can give away for general branding or as personalized corporate gifts. There’s a choice for virtually any budget, ranging from under $10 to $100. Let’s take a look at some of them:

Our Wind-Up Weather Radio & Flashlight Set is a great choice for staff and clientele who spend a lot of time on the road. For under $25 per set you’ll be able to give a great practical gift that will accompany the recipient wherever he goes. This is a good choice of the recipient is the main target of the brand message, since these items are usually not displayed in public. Use it as part of a narrowly targeted campaign.

We offer Brushed Stainless Steel Desk Mugs in sets of four, for under $23. This gift is ideal for both internal and external use. In your office, the set provides mugs for your staff with a consistent branding that improves morale and impresses visitors. For prospects and client relationships, the mug set helps make your brand an everyday presence around their offices.

For executive gifts, pick our wine accessory set. Laser engraving adds your brand to a high end present you can send to your most important clients. At the enterprise level, this gift set is also ideal to send to branch managers.

Naturally, you can look outside this category for other great gifts, from high end imprinted pens to apparel. We have years of experience helping people find the right item, so contact us to explore this further.