Put Some Spring in Marketing Presentations With Custom USB Drives

Has your business caught spring fever yet? If not, it is high time it did! Spring is fast-approaching, so create a corporate marketing campaign to welcome the season in style. Give marketing presentations some refreshing and offer custom USB drives as prospect takeaways. This fresh approach should win new business this spring that leads to long-term relationships.

Custom USB Drives Are Value-Adds

A typical marketing presentation includes a Web-based or PowerPoint slide show, packet of marketing materials, and custom imprinted promotional products such as pens, calculators, or memo pads. To make the business stand out from its competition, a marketer should consider adding a customized USB drive containing the marketing presentation in digital form. Imprinted with the company logo, this product reduces paper waste and can be reused to store business files.

Also called a flash drive, a USB drive is an inexpensive promotional product that has lasting value. Prospects can review the preloaded marketing presentation as many times as necessary. Once they have decided to make a purchase, they can use the drive to store their own work files. Average memory size ranges from 256MB to 8GB or more, providing a drive for every marketing budget.

USB Drives Are Eco Friendly Promotional Products

A USB drive can be reused indefinitely, making it an environmentally-friendly alternative to a limited-use promotional item like a pen, calendar, or notepad. Recipients will appreciate receiving the marketing presentation in electronic form rather than as a huge stack of paper products that eventually join the waste stream. This eco friendly focus will not go unnoticed…or unrewarded.

Custom USB drives come in many shapes and styles including bracelets, pens, and lanyards. Marketers should have no trouble finding a style and color that highlights the corporate logo. Revising the corporate marketing presentation for the upcoming season and loading it onto these drives will cause any company to catch the fever!

Hot Promotions: Custom USB Drives

Custom USB drives are extremely popular business promotional items because they target a technology-savvy audience with money to spend. Companies are discovering that these promotional products open doors to increased sales and reinforce customer loyalties. These drives are inexpensive, portable, and flexible, offering benefits to both advertisers and their target audiences.

Reasons to Use a Custom USB Drive

This tiny drive is one of the most effective ways to promote a business. Not only can the outside of the item be imprinted with a corporate logo or name, files can be added to the drive to promote company products or services. Each time recipients insert these drives into their computers, they will see the company identifier and will be presented with promotional files to review.

Some companies upload power point presentations describing their offerings, while others embed videos and links to the company website into word processing documents that provide an overview of the business. Companies that deal in numbers can upload spreadsheets revealing important statistics and those that dabble in design can include various graphic arts files to create a corporate portfolio.

Assorted USB Drive Styles

In recent years, designs of these small promotional items have expanded, resulting in a wide array of shapes, styles, and colors. A business can easily find a color that matches or complements its logo color scheme. Capless styles are available for companies who want recipients to have trouble-free user experiences. There are even swivel drives that combine the cap with the drive.

Unique custom USB drives are integrated into colorful wristbands. These are perfect for people who tend to leave their drives at home. A business card USB drive serves a dual purpose, providing a working professional with free advertising that fits into a wallet or card file and can also be used to store valuable computer documents.

Choosing Imprinted Promotional Products For Your Business

There are so many imprinted promotional products to choose from that it can be difficult to decide. A marketing department wants to promote the company in every way possible. This makes it easy to get carried away during the shopping process. A wiser approach takes the corporate budget and marketing goals into account.

Identifying The Best Promotional Marketing Products

After determining how much money is available to spend, think about the objective of this marketing campaign. Will the imprinted promotional products be used to promote an event? If so, choose one or more items that are relevant to the event such as golf tees or balls for a golf outing or auto accessories like tire pressure gauges and license plate frames for an auto show.

For generic campaigns, eco-friendly or health-related items show the company cares. For example, business promotional products like reusable tote bags or travel mugs made from eco-friendly materials support the recycling chain. Personal care items such as first aid or sunburn kits, wet wipes, and hand sanitizers help prospects and customers stay healthy while promoting the business. Travel-size kits and keychain style sanitizers make these products convenient to carry.

Promotional Marketing Products And Your Audience

Promotional marketing products should be practical for the target audience to use. Distributing fitness-themed business promotional products is not a smart idea if the recipients are not athletically inclined.
Sunglasses and umbrellas are ideal for prospects and clients who spend time outdoors. USB memory sticks are suitable for business travelers and memo pads and sticky notes are great for anyone who spends time in the office.

Keep things simple but take advantage of trends like technology. Memory sticks are one of the hottest imprinted promotional products right now, as are computer accessories, laser pointers, and trendy looking water bottles. Select several unique and affordable items, imprint the company logo on them, and distribute them throughout the year.

The Most Effective Business Promotional Items are the USB

Many businesses today are gearing up for their busy fall and holiday seasons by restocking their inventory of business promotional items like the promotional USB. These storage devices seem to be getting much smaller nowadays with some styles being as tiny as one’s fingernail. It’s astonishing how much data can be stored on a device with such small dimensions, and not to mention a lower price tag.

Promotional products are a cost-effective way that a company can build brand awareness. They engage customers because they are useful. When quality items are provided, recipients appreciate them and will use them repeatedly, providing brand exposure each time at no added expense. It’s also more cost effective to purchase promotional products than it is to run an ad in a newspaper or magazine.

The idea of having a USB drive imprinted with a company logo looks pleasant.  It has a beneficial effect on both the giving company and their clients. Each time that USB is inserted into the port of a computer, it promotes the company whose logo is on it.  Customers will be happy because these items are so useful.

USB drives nowadays come in attractively different styles aside from the traditional stick. There are wallet cards, oval and circular shapes, and even wristband drives. They come in nearly every color of the rainbow and in finishes that are opaque, translucent, and metallic. Imprinting a company logo on these and distributing them now should result in exceptional sales for the remainder of the year.

Today, they are one of the most coveted giveaways at trade shows and networking events. People will literally stand in line at an exhibit booth just to get a free promotional USB drive. Even better, they will use it that day and continue using it throughout the show and after arriving home.

Three Business Promotional Products for Internal Branding

Beyond distribution to potential customers through trade show giveaways and other means, business promotional products can serve a vital role in tailoring your company’s image when customers make contact. Whether clients walk into a brick and mortar store or meet you in a boardroom for a business to business transaction, internal branding, where you apply your logo and brand identity to your workplace and employees, helps create a consistent, positive impression.

Successful internal branding makes your company stand out and creates a lasting impression that encourages repeat business. It also generates an atmosphere of professionalism and success that makes clients more likely to recommend your firm to friends and colleagues. Let’s take a look at three business promotional products that work well as part of an internal branding strategy:

Imprinted Apparel

Imprinted apparel is practically mandatory for nearly any business where staff deal with the general public. Whether you deliver or perform services on location or greet people in a brick and mortar place of business, your staff should have a consistent look that makes your business’ name, field and general branding visible. Imprinted apparel can range from vibrant to subtle expressions of your brand. For example, a button down shirt might have a very small bit of stitched text, or you might acquire vests and shirts with a large logo in company colours.

Imprinted Pens

There seems to be no end to what imprinted pens can do. These promotional product standards can serve an important role inside your business as well. For staff, imprinted pens serve as a constant reminder of where they are and the company’s image, which can have a subtle but strong effect on morale. Your imprinted pens should also be on hand any time anyone at your place of business needs something to write with. You should encourage associates and clients to take pens with them, so that they can act as general business promotional items as well.

USB Memory

Promotional USB memory sticks should be the primary way you carry data by hand on company business. Thanks to huge drops in the price of flash memory, it’s cost effective to combine external promotions and internal branding in one order. This gives your staff the ability to keep work and personal data separate, and acts as an alternative way to transfer information to clients and partners in face to face meetings.

Beyond these items, mugs, glasses, calendars and more can brand your business inside and out Explore our catalogue to see the possibilities for yourself!

Three Reasons to Choose Promotional USB Memory Sticks

Promotional USB memory sticks have been around for a few years now but compared to imprinted pens and tote bags they’re relatively new business promotional items. Companies are only starting to unlock the full potential of imprinted flash drives for promotion and branding. Why choose promotional USB flesh drives over business promotional products with a longer pedigree? Let’s look at three ways in which imprinted promotional USB memory sticks stand out compared to the alternatives.

Internal/External Use: Flash sticks are now the standard in casual, portable memory storage. They’ve replaced the role once held by 3.5 inch floppy disks. That’s why they’re useful business promotional items – and that usefulness applies inside an organization as well as with customers, clients and promotional contacts. If your company runs a significantly-sized office, purchasing bulk promotional USB provides needed portable memory at excellent prices – usually better than just buying from a local supplier at need. This means that one order can take care of practical office needs and external promotions, all while providing consistent branding in both situations.

Multimedia Potential: As a gift, imprinted flash memory is a handy gift to share with clients and professional contacts, but promotional USB memory can provide more than just empty storage. Load promotional material on to each stick to give it extra value. This is already commonplace in the music industry, where artists and record labels load songs, videos and even entire albums onto flash memory to distribute to reviewers and fans alike. You might add electronic coupons, offline web pages, video, sound, and slide presentations – anything you can store digitally, as long as you have the room.

Excellent for Trade Shows and Conference: Promotional USB memory is an increasingly common part of the standard kit you’ll get at industry trade shows and professional conferences. If you have the opportunity to contribute to a gift package for a conference, adding a promotional USB stick will have at least as much impact as providing and imprinted pen or notebook. USB memory makes an excellent general trade show giveaway if your company rents a booth at a convention. Promotional USB memory isn’t the kind of thing people throw away, giving it lasting value as a business promotional item.

As flash memory prices continue to drop, the potential for promotional USB memory will only increase. You’ll be able to load larger files, get it in more interesting shapes and sizes, and make larger bulk orders for less. Check our promotional flash memory section for new items regularly – you’ll be surprised at what you can get!

Hot New Business Promotional Items for December at Promos Canada

Promos Canada aims to offer the largest selection of custom promotional products in Canada, (and we might already be doing it!) from promotional USB memory sticks to eco-friendly promotional products that link your business to a powerful, environmentally responsible public image. That’s why we’re constantly expanding our products catalogue. Let’s look at some of the new and interesting business promotional items we have to offer from this November onward.

Foldable Imprinted Promotional USB Flash Drive: Available in sizes of up to 4 GB, this memory stick comes with a lifetime warranty. It stands apart from similar products because of the foldable quality, which lets you turn the USB port back into the handle, protecting it from debris. The promotional USB drive has a printing area across its body, allowing you to add your brand. Rush shipping available.

Eco-Friendly Reusable Porcelain Cup with Silicone Lid: This fantastic new addition to our environmentally friendly promotional products uses the shape and functions of a disposable coffee cup, but is reusable like a mug. The silicone lid works the same as a plastic lid. This is a great way to convert that last few stragglers in an office who keep bringing in paper cups from Tim Horton’s and throwing them away. It’s easy to clean and features a large imprinting area.

950mil Free Flow Water Bottle: This makes for another great eco-friendly promotional item. It’s health conscious, too. Everyone should keep hydrated, but aside from leaving unneeded waste, plastic water bottles are potential sources of BPH: a chemical that is increasingly suspected to contribute to damaging genetic and hormonal changes. The Free Flow bottle’s patented design makes it comfortable to drink from, and its stainless steel construction makes it tough enough to stand up to years of heavy, regular use.

Additionally, we always have a big range of specials on hand where you can pick up imprinted promotional products at discount prices. Current specials include coolers, laptop bags and laser pointers. Head to our business promotional item specials to see them all.

Using Promotional Items Strategically

Promotional items have their maximum impact within a larger strategy designed to promote your business. Whether you a simple promotion like imprinted pens or keep a broad array of branded apparel, your campaign will only reach its maximum effectiveness when you break down the ways in which you plan to both distribute your promotions and follow up on them, to bring more people into your sales cycle.

Let’s look at three venues for your promotional items and how they fit into your strategy.

Employee Centered: Put your logo on employees’ clothes and office supplies when they’re likely to interact with your target client demographic. Greet people in a company shirt; sign invoices with a company pen. Don’t forget that this demographic actually includes your current customers too. Branding your staff is a great way to put your business in front of mind for return customers too.

Event Centered: Trade show giveaways, contest prizes – these events put your promotional products into people’s hands. These situations feature a trade off between individual effectiveness and distribution. Handing out a bunch of pens or buttons is inexpensive, but people lose them or toss them out. Choose based on the nature of your business. If you have a few clients and long term, high commitment relationships are key, back that up with high-end items. In all cases, your objective is to connect with new people.

Service Centered: When possible, use promotional items as part of the fulfillment process. Your pens, stationary, employee clothing and anything else you can think of includes your imprinted brand. In addition, consider adding a giveaway with fulfillment, even if it’s something as simple as a pen or imprinted USB flash memory stick to get your brand in their homes and offices, increasing the chance of repeat business and word of mouth through these contacts.

Picking Personalized Corporate Gifts

Imprinted products aren’t just for promotions. Your branding begins with you, and if you don’t surround yourself with your own brand you aren’t projecting confidence in it – and if you’re not confident in it, why should your clients be? Imprinted pens and bags are just the beginning. Don’t be afraid to take your brand to the executive level, either – incorporate it into personalized corporate gifts.

We have a great special that’s especially suited to executive gift giving. They’re high quality golf balls, suited to carrying your brand, the name of an important contact or both. This is a great way to celebrate an important deal or express your appreciation to a key staff member.

The golf balls are an example of how imprinted promotional products come in all price ranges – there’re more to them than mugs, tote bags and inexpensive plastic pens. Even within different types of items there are varieties to suit almost any role. For example, in our line of imprinted pens we have pen and pencil gift sets that make excellent personalized corporate gifts, or even just executive level office supplies.

When picking a gift, keep the following things in mind:

Personal Tastes: This is pretty simple. What does the recipient like? Golf is a popular executive pastime but not everyone does it; get to know his or her hobbies and preferences. A pen set is a good default gift. Take a look and see if your recipient is using an expensive pen or whatever happens to be on hand.

Relationship: Make sure the gift is appropriate to your tie to the other person. Get a basic employee a different gift then the one you’d get for an executive. Don’t make a big deal of the difference, but maintain it – it will keep people appropriately motivated at all levels.

Role: What are the recipient’s professional concerns? Imprinted USB memory sticks work for people in the IT field, while clothing suits people who have to travel and share your brand with the outside world.

Five Ways to Get the Most Out of Imprinted USB Memory Sticks

Imprinted flash drives are now a standard promotional item. You can get a lot of mileage by treating them the same way you’d treat imprinted tote bags or other standard promotional items, but there’s definitely room to explore the potential of this giveaway in ways that take advantage of its nature. Here are five ideas to get you started.

Add a Coupon: There are two ways to add a coupon to promotional USB memory stick. The first is to just load a PDF of your coupon onto the drive. The customer can just print it. The disadvantage is that your options to control its use are limited. Add an expiry date (since it can be printed repeatedly) and don’t use it to offer deep discounts on big ticket items, since it might be abused. A simpler option is to use an offline web page or PDF to add a coupon code, redeemable at your website. This can even include a free offer, since your prospect needs to register on your site to redeem the code.

Add a Flyer: Add your flyer in PDF form. This is a quick and easy way to push brand awareness to your customer after she gets the USB key as a trade show giveaway or on another occasion. He’ll see the file when he opens up the drive. You can integrate this with a coupon or other benefit too.

Add Imprinting by Event: Don’t just imprint with your brand – imprint for the event. This can add more impact because it prompts the customer to remember the time she got the USB drive. If this was a positive experience, that memory multiplies the effects of the contact. This is an excellent choice for retreats, seminars and other events that focus on intense interaction with current and potential clientele.

Add Your Website: Install a partial offline copy of your website. Include enough material for casual browsing, but also include links to your true web presence. If your business focuses on sales and leads through the web, this is an excellent option, since you’ve just given the recipient a portable portal to your site. They don’t even need to bookmark it.

Add Seminar Soft Copies: If you gave away the USB drive at a seminar or other information-heavy event, include all of the material you covered, including presentations, handouts and offline versions of pages you visited. Your contact can reproduce the seminar after he gets home – and of course, your branding is all over the material.