Imprinted Promotional Products That Withstand Harsh Weather

Another winter will soon be upon us and meteorologists are predicting a harsh one in certain regions. We can never be too prepared for inclement weather because it seems that the snow shovel or ice scraper breaks when it is most needed. Companies recognizing this often distribute imprinted promotional products during cold weather months.

Whether we see them at a trade show or at the checkout counter of the local service station, we usually pick up imprinted promotional items like a mini ice scraper, tire pressure gauge, or window squeegee. Companies advertise their business on these very functional winter accessories. This makes us think of them when we need help they can provide.

Imprinted promotional products like auto emergency kits save us loads of frustration when we are stranded on the side of a snow-covered road. These custom promotional products come in the form of personalized cases that include jumper cables, a flashlight, and tire inflator. The case is small enough to stash under a seat or in the trunk of the car.

Even if our car does not need a fix, we might, making imprinted promotional products like an emergency kit another appreciated gift. The sturdy plastic case can be stored in the car and with its waterproof gasket, can be used on a boat during summer. Inside are bandages, antiseptic towelettes, first aid cream, scissors, first aid tape, gloves, a flashlight, a first aid guide, and a distress flag.

When winter turns to spring, we may be outside using imprinted promotional products, like a car wash kit. Inside a large plastic bucket imprinted with a company logo are two sponges, a scrubber, and a washing and buffing mitt. Companies that provide us with these imprinted promotional items want to win our business and think functionality when doing so.

Promoting A Business With Imprinted Promotional Products

Marketers are responsible for ensuring that a business is not wasting money on useless promotional marketing. Freebies with business logos that are handed out to consumers will immediately find their way to the trash can if a consumer feels they are impractical, and this is a waste. Sensible imprinted promotional products are the most effective way of advertising a business.

One of these ideal advertising ideas is the fleece throw blanket. These come in a variety of colors and are available to have a business logo embroidered directly onto them. Comfy blankets are one thing no house can have enough of, so as a freebie, no one would pass up the chance to get their hands on one. They will be kept around for years, and thus, they are the perfect imprinted promotional products.

Imprinted promotional products are perfect when they could be otherwise expensive but serve a practical use as well. This is true of the wind-up weather radio and flashlight set or even the 58 piece first aid kit.  Every home should be prepared for power-outages and other disasters, so consumers are more than likely to have a desire for these products. Meanwhile, the fact that they are quality, practical tools will allow the customers to make a positive association with the promo products and the company name.

Furthermore, folding umbrellas are unique imprinted promotional products. Like the products mentioned before, they serve a practical purpose, even more so than a t-shirt or hat. Therefore, it is likely that the consumer will have this product for years to come and use it frequently, so the benefits really apply to the business.

Going practical is the best strategy for deciding which imprinted promotional products to use as advertising giveaways for a company. Certain products can be seen as excessive and its use will be short-lived. Thus, it’s important to decide what a customer might really use for an extended period of time, such as blankets and umbrellas.

Personalized Corporate Gifts Like Clocks And Timepieces Make An Elegant Statement

When a company wants to make a real statement with its personalized corporate gifts, it thinks from a functional perspective. Clocks and other timepieces should be the first items that come to mind. These promotional gifts help customers keep time and may perform other useful tasks. Whatever their features, they are sure to get years of regular use.

Personalized gifts like these are designed for those who make every moment count. Whether they are wall clocks, desk clocks, or watches, they display the accurate time. Stopwatches are designed for the sporting type and are offered in styles that clip to a gym bag or a loop in track shorts. Laser engraving ensures that the company name is prominent so the customer never forgets it.

Corporate gifts like watches have come a long way in recent years. They are no longer cheap products that fall apart after a few weeks. A stainless steel watch resists water and is shockproof. Luminous hands provide accurate time readings in the dark. With a choice of silver, white, or black mirrored dials, these personalized corporate gifts are as attractive as they are functional.

When more than just a timepiece is needed, consider corporate gifts like a desktop weather station. It features a large digital display of the time plus a timer, alarm, calendar, and the temperature. It also holds a decent supply of writing instruments. A corporate logo can be silkscreen printed on the front of this leatherette product.

Even a basic clock takes on a new appearance when it is granted the promotional touch. Ad runner clocks are the hot new personalized corporate gifts. They feature a triangular rotating ad designed to keep the business name spinning around in a customer’s mind. Multicolor imprinting on each of the three panels allows a company to include its best promotional designs.