Imprinted Promotional Products for Summer Travel

March may bring spring fever during summer, it is too nice outdoors to remain cooped up in the office. At least, that is what you hope prospects and customers think when you give them imprinted promotional products designed for summer travel. These items will go everywhere the travelers do, advertising your business to everyone who sees them.

Promos Designed to Carry Summer Essentials

Most people must take at least one bag on a trip, even if they are going to the park. Promotional tote bags are perfect for holding a blanket, book, and bag of snacks. Parents rely on these to cart around toys and supplies for the kids when traveling to the playground. Without bags like these, items would be spilling all over the place.

Customized coolers and lunch bags are business promotional items for dining away from home. Travelers take these on a picnic, to the beach, and on road trips throughout the summer. Coolers keep beverages chilled and insulated lunch bags are large enough to hold an entire meal. Some coolers feature wheels, making it convenient to pack the entire family’s lunch into one container.

Are There Promo Items for Summer Safety?

You bet there are! These custom promotional products can be stashed in the auto glove compartment or carried in a handbag. A company name or logo can be printed on everything from small tubes of flavored lip balm to first aid kits. Travelers will not need to stop at a pharmacy to treat cuts or scrapes, allowing them to enjoy their trip.

Summer safety includes sun protection, making imprinted promotional products like sunburn kits quite handy. These feature protective lip balm and sunblock in a small container with a lanyard. Beach vacationers can wear one while walking from the car to the sand, making this one less thing to pack or hold.

Promotional Items Designed For Traveler’s

Many business professionals find themselves traveling more often than not. If your company calls these busy workers its clients, take care of them. Corporate promotional items designed for travel will be much appreciated. They will also do a great job of promoting your business during their local, regional, and global journeys.

Airline regulations have made it less convenient to carry liquids onto a plane. A clear zippered pouch allows airport security personnel to see contents of small jars without having to remove each one. These airline-friendly promotional items contain liquids and other small items, keeping them from getting lost or spilling in the luggage. With the company logo screen printed on them, they are very professional advertisements.

A long plane trip is more comfortable when travelers have their own blanket and next pillow. Travel kits featuring these and an eye mask are perfect for clients who regularly fly the friendly skies. These custom promotional products feature a one-color imprint on the carrying bag, making them very attractive and convenient to transport.

Some people take their cup of java on the bus or train for the morning commute. They will appreciate free promotional items like travel mugs because these hold their beverage and keep it hot. Hardcore coffee drinkers will love a deluxe beverage kit that features a nice-sized stainless steel thermal beverage container and two stainless steel mugs. One mug can be kept at the office, while the other mug and the thermos make the daily commute.

Travel-friendly promotional items allow a company to market to a moving audience. Whether they are used on the bus, train, plane, or bike ride to work, they will get face time with prospective customers. Items like these can even spark a conversation, allowing the client to tell everyone what a great company yours is.

Join The Green Movement—Use Eco Friendly Promotional Products

Everyone seems to be “going green” these days and by joining the movement, a company shows it cares about the environment. Eco friendly promotional products get the corporate marketing message across and they take our planet into account. Whether they are made from recyclable materials or encourage green practices by those who use them, these unique products get noticed.

Tote bags made from recycled materials are the perfect green promotional products for a trade show. When visitors stop by the exhibit booth, they can pick up a colorful bag with the company logo on it. It will soon become their carryall, storing documents and other freebies. Once home, these bags are perfect for hauling groceries or laundry.

Whenever a flashlight is needed, the batteries always seem to be dead. This will never happen with hand-powered flashlights. To charge these eco friendly promotional products, simply squeeze the handle. Once the built-in rechargeable batteries have enough juice, the two white LED lights will shine through the darkness. A convenient wrist strap keeps this flashlight handy during a nighttime hike or while walking the dog.

It is wasteful to use paper and plastic cups because these items create more refuse for landfills. Clients will love eco friendly corporate gifts like reusable sports bottles and hot beverage containers. A company can even have its logo printed on a water bottle designed to fit in a bike cup holder. Every time they take a drink, recipients will think of the company that considers the environment.

Eco friendly promotional products make sense from a corporate perspective. They allow a company to advertise itself without any harmful effects on the environment. Prospects and customers appreciate the fact that a business puts the planet first. With the increasing number of green promotional products available, every marketing department should be able to find some appropriate items.

Family-Friendly Imprinted Promotional Products

Adults are not the only ones who find imprinted promotional products useful. Kids love these free items and are not shy about using them at home and school. Offering promo items that children find useful shows the public that your business is thoughtful. Parents will love these items and contact your company first when they need something it offers.

Kids love their music, so imprinted promotional products like metal CD cases are very popular. Each case holds 16 CDs and the metal zipper closure keeps CDs from falling out of the container. This case is much better than a regular CD sleeve because it protects CDs and prevents them from getting lost. Kids can throw the case into their school bag to share music with friends.

Many young children enjoy arts and crafts but parents have nightmares about the damage they can inflict with scissors. Unique promotional products like safety scissors are designed for youngsters with the urge to cut things. These are made entirely of plastic and feature no sharp points or edges but they are still able to cut through paper, cardboard, and even plastic. With the company name and logo imprinted on the side, these scissors look as sharp as they cut.

Sticky note booklets are one of the customized promotional products that children will use as much for fun as they do to mark pages in their schoolbooks. Each booklet features sticky note squares and five different colors of sticky flags. With the company name, logo, and slogan on the front cover, parents are reminded of your business.

These are just a few imprinted promotional products that children love. Distribute these at community events and adults will scoop up handfuls of these customized promo items to take home to their children. They will love your business for keeping their kids entertained and will quickly become loyal customers.

Go High-Tech With Custom Promotional Products

Let the changing face of technology serve as inspiration for custom promotional products and you will never go wrong. Everyone wants the latest technology gadgets and when a business promotes itself on a tech-friendly item, it captures the attention of a savvy target audience. These are the folks every company wants to call customers because they know quality.

The Apple iPhone has quickly become a consumer favorite because it is reasonably priced, easy to use, and very versatile. An iPhone skin is one of those promo items that instantly pay for itself. This full-color skin is designed for different generations of the iPhone and when it features custom corporate artwork, it stands out.

A gel smartphone case designed for the iPhone is another great choice. A bit more reserved, it comes in clear or transparent yellow, blue, red, or green. Select a color that  complements the company logo and watch iPhone users advertise your business wherever they go. These will be the most popular promotional items at industry trade shows and sales conventions. Order large quantities of each color because they will go quickly and missing this promotional opportunity would be unfortunate.

USB memory sticks are one of the most in-demand custom promotional products. Manufacturers have responded by creating these in a rainbow of colors and a variety of shapes. Capacities range from one to eight gigabytes and these promo items are so compact, they can fit in a small pocket. No need to put them there because some adhere to a wristband or clip onto a keychain.

Everyone seems to work on the go these days, which makes these tech-friendly custom promotional products big winners with prospects and clients. Tap into your inner techie and order these when the current promotional items run low. After going high-tech, a company will experience a new level of success.

Go Green With Eco Friendly Promotional Products

With so many products on the market, we have become a society of excess. Not only is this unnecessary, it is wasteful. The greediness of today could lead to planetary problems for future generations. By selecting eco friendly promotional products, companies can do their part to conserve environmental resources and promote recycling.

Reusable shopping bags are popular eco friendly products seen at grocery stores and malls. Large retailers are jumping on the trend and even small towns sell these bags to raise money for downtown development. Organizations often choose these custom promotional products because they are low-priced and some styles are made partially from recyclable materials.

Traditional flashlights are powered by electricity or disposable batteries, both wasteful from an environmental perspective. Hand-powered flashlights are eco friendly promotional products because they feature recyclable batteries and an in-unit charger. The user simply squeezes the handle to charge the batteries when the two powerful white LED lights begin dimming. This small flashlight features a wrist strap for easy carrying.

Crank-powered weather band radios that use rechargeable batteries are eco friendly products designed for golfers, boaters, and others who enjoy outdoor activities. Users operate the wind-up mechanism to charge the batteries and they listen through the speaker or attach their own headphones. The company logo is silkscreened on the front of the radio beneath the band area. Promotional items like these are suitable for holiday gifts and welcome presents for new clients.

Eco friendly promotional products can be found in categories from office items to kitchen products. More businesses are incorporating these into marketing efforts. It is a guilt-free way to advertise the company because the items are either made from recycled materials or designed to be reused. Customers tend to appreciate these products much more than items they must discard after using once.

Custom Coffee Mugs That Capture Attention

Custom coffee mugs have been popular promotional items for years. During this time, their functionality has remained the same but their style has been completely overhauled. Marketing and promotion employees who have avoided using these items for appearance reasons may want to reconsider. Current versions feature modern lines and fashionable colors.

Rounded custom coffee mugs do not have the sharp angles of traditional versions. Instead, they feature a circular bottom, which may be highlighted by a contrasting color to accent the area. Using the same color for the rim and base, and one that complements the corporate logo, creates a coordinated look. Laser engraving or a four-color process may be available for the print area.

Some of the newer personalized coffee mugs are much larger than original styles. A 16-ounce mug holds two cups of hot or cold beverage, eliminating the need for a refill at the coffee pot. Blue, black, and red are a few popular mug colors and some mugs are white on the outside with color on the interior and the handle. There are even versions that feature an animal print band of color around the drinking area.

Double walled porcelain cups with lids are an alternative to the wasteful Styrofoam and paper versions. These customized coffee mugs come in different colors, with front or back imprinting or wrap print. The silicone lid can handle high temperatures, keeping beverages contained safely during transport. There will be no worry of spilling and drivers can enjoy a hot beverage on the way to work.

Contemporary custom coffee mugs like these are designed to capture attention. Reusable promotional items consider the environment while advertising the company. After reviewing the various styles, sizes, and colors available, the corporate marketing team can decide whether mugs are good choices for upcoming promotional efforts.

Choosing Imprinted Promotional Products For Your Business

There are so many imprinted promotional products to choose from that it can be difficult to decide. A marketing department wants to promote the company in every way possible. This makes it easy to get carried away during the shopping process. A wiser approach takes the corporate budget and marketing goals into account.

Identifying The Best Promotional Marketing Products

After determining how much money is available to spend, think about the objective of this marketing campaign. Will the imprinted promotional products be used to promote an event? If so, choose one or more items that are relevant to the event such as golf tees or balls for a golf outing or auto accessories like tire pressure gauges and license plate frames for an auto show.

For generic campaigns, eco-friendly or health-related items show the company cares. For example, business promotional products like reusable tote bags or travel mugs made from eco-friendly materials support the recycling chain. Personal care items such as first aid or sunburn kits, wet wipes, and hand sanitizers help prospects and customers stay healthy while promoting the business. Travel-size kits and keychain style sanitizers make these products convenient to carry.

Promotional Marketing Products And Your Audience

Promotional marketing products should be practical for the target audience to use. Distributing fitness-themed business promotional products is not a smart idea if the recipients are not athletically inclined.
Sunglasses and umbrellas are ideal for prospects and clients who spend time outdoors. USB memory sticks are suitable for business travelers and memo pads and sticky notes are great for anyone who spends time in the office.

Keep things simple but take advantage of trends like technology. Memory sticks are one of the hottest imprinted promotional products right now, as are computer accessories, laser pointers, and trendy looking water bottles. Select several unique and affordable items, imprint the company logo on them, and distribute them throughout the year.

Imprinted Promotional Products That Withstand Harsh Weather

Another winter will soon be upon us and meteorologists are predicting a harsh one in certain regions. We can never be too prepared for inclement weather because it seems that the snow shovel or ice scraper breaks when it is most needed. Companies recognizing this often distribute imprinted promotional products during cold weather months.

Whether we see them at a trade show or at the checkout counter of the local service station, we usually pick up imprinted promotional items like a mini ice scraper, tire pressure gauge, or window squeegee. Companies advertise their business on these very functional winter accessories. This makes us think of them when we need help they can provide.

Imprinted promotional products like auto emergency kits save us loads of frustration when we are stranded on the side of a snow-covered road. These custom promotional products come in the form of personalized cases that include jumper cables, a flashlight, and tire inflator. The case is small enough to stash under a seat or in the trunk of the car.

Even if our car does not need a fix, we might, making imprinted promotional products like an emergency kit another appreciated gift. The sturdy plastic case can be stored in the car and with its waterproof gasket, can be used on a boat during summer. Inside are bandages, antiseptic towelettes, first aid cream, scissors, first aid tape, gloves, a flashlight, a first aid guide, and a distress flag.

When winter turns to spring, we may be outside using imprinted promotional products, like a car wash kit. Inside a large plastic bucket imprinted with a company logo are two sponges, a scrubber, and a washing and buffing mitt. Companies that provide us with these imprinted promotional items want to win our business and think functionality when doing so.

Stylish Homewares As Xmas Gifts

Time flies and as we turn our attention from Halloween, it is time to start thinking about Christmas. When brainstorming corporate gift ideas for clients, prospects, and employees, think personalized gifts designed for home use. People like the custom touch that personalized corporate gifts provide and they can always use more household items.

Personalized corporate gifts have finally made their way into the home, to the delight of many people. Recipients like these stylish and functional gifts much better than the typical calculator, clock, and flashlight. Housewares will be used on a regular basis, not throw into a drawer. Each time they use the stylish item, they think of the sender. Friends and family see the item on display and often wish they received something so nice from their associates.

Everyone can use a good knife set, so many companies gift customers with a knife block. The company name is imprinted on the block in a noticeable, yet unobtrusive way and various sizes of knives are included. For the masters of the barbecue grill, personalized corporate gifts like a deluxe barbecue set are perfect. Recipients can flip, prod, and baste until their heart is content.

Coffee is always popular, making personalized gifts like a coffee vault a winner. This product features an internal porcelain humidor and hygrometer on the top lid. Businesses can create a gift basket that includes a coffee vault, a few mugs, and coffee beans in various flavors. Sweet treats like biscotti or scones can be added for an extra touch.

Fondue has made its resurgence in recent years, making unique corporate gifts like a fondue set more popular. People probably do not have personalized corporate gifts like this, ensuring that the sender stands out from the competition. A bamboo steamer set is another unique gift that people can use throughout the year.