Warm Weather Business Promotional Items Turn Your Slow Season Into a Winner

Here comes summer…is your business prepared? Many companies kick marketing up a notch during summer to prevent a major drop in sales. By keeping their name in front of prospects and customers, businesses keep themselves from experiencing a slow season. Summer-oriented business promotional items make it easier to keep sales rolling.

Promotions for Summertime Fun

Spending time outdoors is what summer is all about but it requires some gear. Personalized sunglasses protect the eyes from the sun and these custom promotional products come in a rainbow of colors. Include these with coupons for cool summer deals like a free sample of a new product or a percentage discount for a single item.

Keeping the face and head protected from the sun prevents burning. Imprinted promotional products like baseball caps and bandanas are perfect headgear. They are colorful, stylish, and best of all, walking advertisements for your company. Take these to trade shows and watch attendees flock to the booth. Both men and women love wearing baseball caps. Bikers and runners are fond of bandanas that  protect without being hot.

Promos That Keep Prospects Cool During Summer

It is always important to remain hydrated but never more so than during the summer. Travel mugs and water bottles hold plenty of cool, clear water. As temperatures rise, people find themselves reaching for these beverage containers more often and taking them wherever they go, much to your delight, so advertise proudly.

Business promotional items like can coolers are designed for beverages of another sort. They hold cans of soda, iced tea, and beer, all the while promoting your business. Made of foam, these small beverage coolers fold compactly so they can be packed into a picnic basket or even a pocket. Items like these may be small and portable but they pack a powerful promotional punch during summertime.

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