When It Comes to Business Promotional Products, Know Your Target Audience

At Promos Canada we offer literally thousands of items suitable for trade show giveaways and other business promotional items. The selection is so huge that it might be difficult to make the right choice. Imprinted pens and imprinted tote bags are favorites because they have almost universal appeal; everybody needs to carry things and write things down, especially at trade shows, where free samples and networking make these two items godsends. On the other hand, it’s also important to make a memorable statement about your company and its brand. When you want to stay ahead of the pack by picking something different, what should you choose?

The answer lies with your audience: the people you expect to pick up your giveaways and more importantly, come back for your firm’s products and/or services. Getting to know who they are is already important to your business, and that principle applies to gift promotions as much as it does anything else. Here are some considerations that can help you narrow down your choices:

Age: Someone in his or her early twenties usually has significantly different interests than a person aged 50, even if they are demographically similar in other respects. For the younger set imprinted kitchen supplies might not be a great choice, because they’re often living with roommates and moving all the time and aren’t exactly concerned about building up their household basics. If your target is couples in their 30s though, it could be ideal.

Income Level: Are you giving these promotional items to members of working class, middle class or affluent households? This will affect the desirability of certain items. Imprinted calendars tend to cut across income levels, but something like a computer travel kit is suited to definite laptop owners.

Lifestyle: Are you appealing to people with active lifestyles? Artistic tendencies? Do you provide business to business services for no-nonsense executives? The answer will shape your selection. People interested in creative pursuits and travel may enjoy an imprinted digital camera, for instance.

These are just three criteria. Add others to really zero in on the best choice. Also, keep in mind that in this article, we haven’t directly addressed your business’ offerings. Your company’s focus on technology, leisure or anything else shapes your target demographic, but it’s also its own criterion for deciding on the promotional products you’d like to share. We’ll cover that relationship in a future article, so stay tuned!

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